Bringing all the pieces together

Life is a series of moving pieces, that we often lose track of. Not because they aren’t important, there are just so many moving pieces as you get older. When I was a child, the only moving piece i really had was school. My parents were pretty much the same regardless of the scenario and school was the only variable. Now I have more variables than hands and frequently find myself letting one of the pieces slide away from me due to expedience.

It is a long road we run, a marathon of choice and fancy. There are no short cuts and I have come to believe your job as an adult is to put all the pieces together. Only then will you see the full picture that lies in front of you, only then will you know.

But some of the pieces are greased – they slip away from me time after time. Why is that? Why is it that I cannot manage the pieces of my life all at once?


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