Do you, can you, will you?

It seems to me that change is a tiny step when part of a larger whole. Yet it seems so hard for people to make changes. For example I heard yesterday during a sermon that the world had plenty of food. But the fact that in many cases governments prohibit the distribution of that food wasn’t mentioned. In order to promote change you have to show both sides of the solution and both sides of the problem. The reality is that people need to have information to make up their minds.

Do you? Do you care if you know enough to make a good decision? Of course! we all do. The issue is that if you take on an informer role, you need to inform. Share both sides of the problem and the solution and let us decide to follow.


Protecting ideas…

  1. Lighter than air…
  2. Available to everyone…
  3. Quality doesn’t matter, they are a part of you…
  4. Idea’s are infinite and finite at the same time.

An idea is like a butterfly, floating above the concepts that float in our brains. An idea is free, but of course you have to protect them.


Why do we have to protect ideas (copyright, patent) from other people? The creation of an idea is a unique human and personal experience. Does it matter is another person is able to leverage an idea and run with it?

It does matter. The reason it matters is that people use ideas without crediting the person who created the original thought (see my blog on threads here is wrong. IP/IC is the embodiment of someone’s collected knowledge, thoughts and contemplations. As such there is a unique signature to an idea. I am sure someday we will be able to simply pull an idea, and resolve from that a fingerprint thus forever solving the issues of ownership.

For now however idea’s are not free and need to be protected.

But not forever 🙂


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Engage, disengage, evolve

What do you do when your life returns a 404 error (page not found). If our lives are websites what do we do when reviewing our life we find that there are a series of 404 errors.

  • Do you ask the question then did you lead a purpose filled life?
  • Do you wonder what you missed?
  • Or do you assume that the 404’s are simply lifes way of removing clutter?

Its a question that begs an answer with no answer forthcoming. Its a question that means something was missed either in data storage (memory) or data retrieval (using the memory). Or worse it is a question that shows the emptiness, the things that were not tried, the dares that were not taken.

Over the years I’ve lost friends to a variety of things. From car crashes to cancer life has taken friends from my “friendverse” and often leaves 404’s behind for those people that are now gone. I remember them fondly and recall the large moments we shared but over time the smaller moments become 404 errors.

Not that I am trying to forget, there are just new memories that fill the pages and leave the old ones behind.  So the 404 errors become “ghosts in the machine” things that I review and wonder, what was there. Which brings me full circle to my title for the blog – engage meeting people and living your purposeful life. Disengage when people leave your life for what-ever reason (distance, time, or sadly death) and finally evolve those memories into permanent fixtures so that they never present you with 404 errors.


Blogs and bad pennies

so – you can find my more serious blog at or my podcast at (its also on Itunes but not on Zune 😦 )

I find that there are certain themes that like Bad Pennies keep floating back into my blog. Today it is children and the concept of ownership.

Why do our children (and I know Mom – I was like this 35 years ago) not feel that the things we give them are owned? For example children are hard on a house. They don’t really mean to be destructive or forgetful they just are. They lose things they forget things and boy oh boy if you are stupid enough to ask them to clean their rooms look out.

I suspect if my parents had blogged they would have written the same things. Why is that? Why does life have cycles (ups and downs) that return to the place it was before.

Anyway – next thought. recently on twitter I’ve been keeping track – 400 people in the past month have started following me. I usually will follow someone who follows me. But of those 400 less than 75 are still following me. I still follow most of them, but it seems kinda of silly for me to continue. What is the point of starting a process and then stopping? It makes no sense to me – you can never have enough people listening to you and twitter is the perfect forum. But when you don’t listen to people – (ie stop following) people stop listening to you (delete your posts, stop following etc). Sad.

Anyway – last day of vacation – time to roll!


First five days with my touch pro 2

For those who read this blog regularly you know that I am at best a gadget junkie. I’ve been searching for the perfect cellular phone and pocket pc device for most of the past seven years. I have had between 15-20 different PPC based phones during that time.

  1. I am looking for a device that replaces the Circular Slide Rule my father brought me 35 years ago.
  2. I am looking for a device that is a good cellular phone.
  3. I am looking for a device that works with my vehicles (Bluetooth) easily
  4. Memory is critical (both on board and expansion)
  5. Speed is important.
  6. Bells and whistles – GPS, ability to share my cellular data connection with my other devices.
  7. simple to use
  8. ability to connect to my business applications
  9. ability to connect to my business email.

So I am five days into using the new Touch Pro 2. Not enough time yet to determine if we are meeting these critical goals but will be evaluating the device against this list.


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Rage, Rage against…

With apologies to Dylan Thomas.

What is fair? Its a word that even though I have heard it for most of the past 48 years I am not sure I understand what fair is. fair seems to be the only word that is always situational. What is fair for a specific solution is the only fair you will ever achieve/receive.

So what is fair? Is it the right thing to do in all instances? Does fair mean that both parties walk away feeling like the right things were done? or are the right things to do so situational that fair is always a perception?

Is fair a lost art? Is fair something that we as humans can achieve. Fair? Interestingly Fair has a dual meaning. it means both sides received the same or similar solutions. It also means that the solution in and of itself is acceptable. A supreme solution or premier solution wouldn’t represent a fair solution. A fair grade in school is the middle “c.” So what is fair?

I ask that question of people all the time. You get a different answer each time you ask it.


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The quiet in the other room

My wife is off visiting her daughter this week (my step-daughter) in San Francisco. So for the first time in a long time it’s daddy managing the AM get up and get going routine (my wife’s school doesn’t start until the PM – and I often travel for my job so we’ve split the duties that rather – not because its the traditional gender roles).

Anyway – I am listening to my sons as they prep for their day. They are talking about the design they have for the video game they want to develop. Interesting how the mind of 11 year olds works. They are working through the number of vehicles that they have in the game, one of them from an engineering perspective and the other from an artistic view. rather than arguing however, they are working through their issues. Now if they could only do that about video games and cleaning their room :-).

Its a glorious day so far – the clouds have cleared up and frankly I have way to much energy for someone who got up at 4 in the morning to drive to the airport.


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