Where do cheerleaders go when they age

I was walking yesterday and saw a person playing catch with her sons. She struck me as a former cheerleader for some reason. I started thinking about the concept of where cheerleaders go when they age. From cheering about 60 yard touchdowns to cheering that Johnny can now use his sippy cup without spilling all over the floor.

Then i started thinking about where that quarterback went. I haven’t seen the quarterback of my high school football team in nearly 30 years. I wonder if he misses watching a defense unfold as he cocked his arm to launch a 60 yard pass.

Why is it that as we age it is often almost as if something is taken from us?

There are many things you gain as you get older – access to your own time etc. But you lose the glory days.


a follow on review of Active Words

So, http://www.activewords.com I have talked about this product before but am now such an addict that I have to mention it again, and do a more expansive review.

  • You buy a single copy and they encourage you to put it on every machine you own. Most people only own one or two machines so that is a good bet for them.
  • The goal of active words is to cut the number of key strokes you require to complete your daily tasks.
    • Logging into this blog and my wordpress blog now take me typing two words (live and wordpress into the active words bar) that saves me considerable keystrokes and is much faster to launch my day with the keywords
    • You can build macros (I miss windows 3.1) that complete a series of tasks. For example if I type photo’s on any of my machine it launches a backup copy using Rich copy from my network photo share to one or two of the other drives I have my media on.
    • On the fly spelling correction (for those that know me well – perhaps the saving grace of the program)
  • You can load your profile into live mesh and have the same profile on all your machines (which is a really nice way to share a series of commands between multiple machines)

My complaints –

1. the inkpad doesn’t work on 64 bit windows so I haven’t tried it. I don’t have any 32 bit machines left.


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Getting into a groove

so over the past four years I have been working out. I use the Garmin Forerunner to track how far I walk (each time I set out).

I have to say that device has changed my life. I pay attention to how far I am walking, how many feet i ascend or descend and the relative sea level where I am.

What hasn’t changed my life as much is the utter lack of respect the US has for people who work out. Its really sad that most major cities don’t have great walking trails. Seattle is an exception – you can have a great time enjoying the city on foot.

Overseas you can find walking trails everywhere (Holland and Germany are the two best). why can’t US cities adopt the concept of walking trails?

We have one in Indy that runs along the old railroad line that once made Indiana the crossroads of America (we aren’t anymore – and the train tracks are now a jogging trail) but that is too far away from where I live.

Is this a problem for anyone else?


An application of the rules

I watched the IU Michigan game yesterday. For the second time in my life (a number of years ago Desmond Howard fumbled the ball out of bounds and therefore stop the clock – Michigan scored on the next play) a questionable call by an official allowed Michigan to preserve a victory. Yesterday September 26th it was a questionable joint possession call. When two players come down with the ball and land – the offence gets the ball. Its a simple rule and the video clearly showed that both players had the ball when they landed. But its Michigan and the big house, so enjoy the victory.

As a person I am always frustrated by selective application of the rules. I’ve watched police cars pass me to stop one of the 12 cars that roared past me on the highway. Normally it is the last one or the first one but all the ones in the middle never really suffer any penalty. Even though their driving risks the lives of everyone on the road as much as the first and last ones do.

So why do we selectively apply rules? why are rules never the same day in day out?

I find it to be a sad commentary on the world we live in. the only thing I don’t know (as I wasn’t alive) is the question “is this the way it has always been.” do we simply find more errors in sporting because of television and instant replay? Shouldn’t we allow officials to admit their mistakes and move on? I suspect if they did today they would never work as officials again. But shouldn’t we allow that? Wouldn’t the fans of various schools that lose games forgive and forget? Move on from the loss because there is no replay of bad calls?

It wouldn’t bother me, but in my life time that is the SECOND TIME its happened to an IU team winning at Michigan. If you don’t want IU to have a chance you should tell the coach before the game. You should let hte fans know.



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Often I wonder


What does it really mean? To have to desire to express to actually have a concept of owning more than just your job. Owning in fact a bit more a larger pool just beyond the horizon. Beyond responsibility beyond simply taking charge but actually owning and improving something just because somebody needed to rather than because it was assigned to you.

I choose the path less traveled and am all the better for it.

But am I? The way of honor has bumps and detours. Bootlickers often rule the way.


Making things better for others. Finishing tasks that aren’t assigned to you but doing them because they need to be done. Instead of being a boot licker actually doing the right things because they are the right things to do.

That was and is the path that we strive to follow. But it is a slippery slope.


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The river of life

Life, as told in the tale that is you, is comprised of sad and happy events that lead us ultimately to the place we call home (for now). It is a hard won battle that takes us from where we think we are headed to strange and new places. A dream state that we cannot awake from and probably wouldn’t want to awake from.

The minds of the past have listened into our eternal struggles and told us “I think therefore I am,” or “Nothing is real and everything is real.” With these words they try to comfort us that its all explained, its all known.

But it isn’t.

Time changes everything.

And those things that do not change with time eventually fall to the wayside.


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The light is passing

Dylan Thomas the Welsh poet once wrote –

“Rage, Rage against the passing of the light.”

But the light quietly slipped out the back door recently and no one was there to say goodbye. No one shouted “Elvis has left the building” instead the light crept away like a mouse, tiny and hidden in the shadows and forgotten.

Where are you light?

Where are you?


I am a child of the 60’s and 70’s, and I watched uncensored television showing the Vietnam war. I saw a man walk on the moon. I saw a teacher ascend to space (well not quite, but close enough for my dreams).

But the light is fading.

That which should step up has not. And the light left via the back door.