An application of the rules

I watched the IU Michigan game yesterday. For the second time in my life (a number of years ago Desmond Howard fumbled the ball out of bounds and therefore stop the clock – Michigan scored on the next play) a questionable call by an official allowed Michigan to preserve a victory. Yesterday September 26th it was a questionable joint possession call. When two players come down with the ball and land – the offence gets the ball. Its a simple rule and the video clearly showed that both players had the ball when they landed. But its Michigan and the big house, so enjoy the victory.

As a person I am always frustrated by selective application of the rules. I’ve watched police cars pass me to stop one of the 12 cars that roared past me on the highway. Normally it is the last one or the first one but all the ones in the middle never really suffer any penalty. Even though their driving risks the lives of everyone on the road as much as the first and last ones do.

So why do we selectively apply rules? why are rules never the same day in day out?

I find it to be a sad commentary on the world we live in. the only thing I don’t know (as I wasn’t alive) is the question “is this the way it has always been.” do we simply find more errors in sporting because of television and instant replay? Shouldn’t we allow officials to admit their mistakes and move on? I suspect if they did today they would never work as officials again. But shouldn’t we allow that? Wouldn’t the fans of various schools that lose games forgive and forget? Move on from the loss because there is no replay of bad calls?

It wouldn’t bother me, but in my life time that is the SECOND TIME its happened to an IU team winning at Michigan. If you don’t want IU to have a chance you should tell the coach before the game. You should let hte fans know.



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