Getting into a groove

so over the past four years I have been working out. I use the Garmin Forerunner to track how far I walk (each time I set out).

I have to say that device has changed my life. I pay attention to how far I am walking, how many feet i ascend or descend and the relative sea level where I am.

What hasn’t changed my life as much is the utter lack of respect the US has for people who work out. Its really sad that most major cities don’t have great walking trails. Seattle is an exception – you can have a great time enjoying the city on foot.

Overseas you can find walking trails everywhere (Holland and Germany are the two best). why can’t US cities adopt the concept of walking trails?

We have one in Indy that runs along the old railroad line that once made Indiana the crossroads of America (we aren’t anymore – and the train tracks are now a jogging trail) but that is too far away from where I live.

Is this a problem for anyone else?


One thought on “Getting into a groove

  1. Since I\’ve started running, I have been very disappointed as well with our greenways here. The biggest problem is that it varies from city to city. Austin is great. I\’ve heard Cary has a lot of greenways but Indianapolis in particular is awful with the exception of the Monon. There\’s not even a shoulder on most roads to provide you a safe jogging/walking path.

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