a follow on review of Active Words

So, http://www.activewords.com I have talked about this product before but am now such an addict that I have to mention it again, and do a more expansive review.

  • You buy a single copy and they encourage you to put it on every machine you own. Most people only own one or two machines so that is a good bet for them.
  • The goal of active words is to cut the number of key strokes you require to complete your daily tasks.
    • Logging into this blog and my wordpress blog now take me typing two words (live and wordpress into the active words bar) that saves me considerable keystrokes and is much faster to launch my day with the keywords
    • You can build macros (I miss windows 3.1) that complete a series of tasks. For example if I type photo’s on any of my machine it launches a backup copy using Rich copy from my network photo share to one or two of the other drives I have my media on.
    • On the fly spelling correction (for those that know me well – perhaps the saving grace of the program)
  • You can load your profile into live mesh and have the same profile on all your machines (which is a really nice way to share a series of commands between multiple machines)

My complaints –

1. the inkpad doesn’t work on 64 bit windows so I haven’t tried it. I don’t have any 32 bit machines left.


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