Long way home

One of my favorite lines from a Super Tramp song, take the long way home.  The long way would seem at times to be something that you would avoid rather than leverage. But there are times you would consider the long way.

When I was a kid we used to take the long way every Sunday. We would wander and meander around in our car for 2 or 3 hours. Of course today you really can’t do that for a number of reasons, but back then taking the long way was a lot of fun.

The long way is also good to avoid traffic and other road related issues.

Of course in the old days we didn’t have satellite radio and GPS’s to help us avoid the inevitable long wait (although driving to Cincinnati Ohio there is one stretch of the highway that if they have a wreck – you are stuck until they clear it.

Still it is also an metaphor taking the “long way.” rather than taking the “easy way”. Its following the line of the poem “taking the road less traveled” to be “all the better for it.”

Taking, the long way home. Worse, filling the entire page with the long way home 🙂


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With the past and the future, is there an alignment? Random thoughts for Friday…

  • My car has all wheel drive. What does that mean? Will it be more successful because it has four times the drive?
  • What is the difference between vacation lost and aging?
  • What is valuable?
  • What is important?
  • Why am I lost without a GPS?
  • Why is change so painful?
  • If I stub my toe why does my other foot hurt?
  • Why do back’s ache? What are they aching for?
  • What does the world loyalty mean?

All over the place this morning. For some reason I can’t focus.


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My wife

I have had the fortune of a wonderful person willing to share the past 19 years with me. We are the proud parents of 4 children. My step-daughter who is growing into a wonderful adult, our daughter and our twin sons.

Each of our children brings a different joy to us. An opportunity to see pieces of ourselves but also new pieces.

Both Barb and I were married before. Not that either person was to blame for the dissolution of our marriages, I just don’t think either of them was in the right place and time to grow the way both Barb and I have grown since. People grow in so many different ways.

In 19 years I have come to see a world that is vastly different then the one I saw when we were married. It is a world of change and opportunity. Frankly I could never be where I am, without Barbara backing me, guiding me and being my love.

Thank you dear.

It was 19 years ago that we terrified both our parents by telling them after 2 weeks of dating that we were engaged.


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The value of kindness

What happens when you stop using kindness as a tool in your life? The simple act of working with and communicating with people in a kind manner rather than acting as though they (the people around you) owe you something.

People are so consumed with the process that they believe is relevant to who and what they are doing that they forget you are part of the overall process. Smile and people will remember you. Take a moment to make someone else’s life easier and they won’t forget that.

Be kind.


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The reality of “problem solving”

Problems are solutions we haven’t found yet. Its a method of solving problems that has been used as a core component of science education for years. Test until we find a solution, and then move on to the next question. The reality of questions is that there is always the next question that we can and have to ask. The great thinkers of the past 2000 years have leveraged this to answer the questions they had. Those questions were not always the questions that people of the time wanted to consider (Galileo was imprisoned for his thinking).

In a flash creativity and questions move us from the unknown to the known. It is through these tiny innovations that great ideas come.

Problem solving is also a skill you can apply. Helpdesks spend hours training professionals on the overall concepts of problem solving. You start with a vanilla presentation of the concept or problem and layer on the additional components until you achieve the original problem. Then you simply remove the last component and you have solved the problem.

But Problem Solving is also a mind set. More than simply accepting a problem it is the desire to remove the core of the problem and resolve it. Duct tape is a great problem solving tool.

In the book “10 Faces of Innovation” they talk about the concepts of rapid prototyping and visual problem solving. “The Innovators Dilemma” deals with concepts of disruption and the problem that presents to solutions.

it is through the solution of problems that we expand our world.


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Engage, disengage, evolve

What do you do when your life returns a 404 error (page not found). If our lives are websites what do we do when reviewing our life we find that there are a series of 404 errors.

  • Do you ask the question then did you lead a purpose filled life?
  • Do you wonder what you missed?
  • Or do you assume that the 404’s are simply life’s way of removing clutter?

Its a question that begs an answer with no answer forthcoming. Its a question that means something was missed either in data storage (memory) or data retrieval (using the memory). Or worse it is a question that shows the emptiness, the things that were not tried, the dares that were not taken.

Over the years I’ve lost friends to a variety of things. From car crashes to cancer life has taken friends from my “friendverse” and often leaves 404’s behind for those people that are now gone. I remember them fondly and recall the large moments we shared but over time the smaller moments become 404 errors.

Not that I am trying to forget, there are just new memories that fill the pages and leave the old ones behind.  So the 404 errors become “ghosts in the machine” things that I review and wonder, what was there. Which brings me full circle to my title for the blog – engage meeting people and living your purposeful life. Disengage when people leave your life for what-ever reason (distance, time, or sadly death) and finally evolve those memories into permanent fixtures so that they never present you with 404 errors.


What if it never happened

Tomorrow is a day that never arrives. It is a day that is always on the cusp of where we are but never actually touched when we are. It is the nebulous day that is always referenced (see ya tomorrow) but never actually comes.

It is as if it never happens. Tomorrow becomes today, then it becomes yesterday but it never becomes itself. The circular logic of Arnold Horshak of Welcome Back Kotter fits here – “what was will be, what will be was but will be again.” But it will never be, tomorrow.

It is a dance that will never finish.

It is a dance measured by our own view of the world. For we are the rationales. We think as Mr. Descrates said and we are.

But tomorrow doesn’t think and so it will never be.


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