Touch pcs are they truly the future?

I’ve now played with three different modes of touch pcs – a netbook (ASUS) the HP Touchsmart notebook and desktop units. I have to say that touch technology is an amazing process – but in most cases it is waiting for the killer applications. So for you developers out there – here are a few ideas to start the juices flowing!

  1. finger painting – who among us does not fondly recall the days of finger-painting. But what about digital media figure painting where we could take any number of pictures and media items and decorate them for our own use?
  2. finger editing, my fingers are too large to act like a precision mouse – what if the application let me edit with my fingers and allowed my fat fingers to interact with the editing process?
  3. Road less traveled – let me expand and contract within my mapping application using only my fingers.
  4. allow for camera interaction (capturing off physical screen gestures)

The world is my touch screen – now help me interact with it!


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