OK one more review but I have to do this one!

Recently I’ve purchased a couple of items online that had issues. Both times I purchased them from Amazon. Now in the past I have purchased items that ended up being defective and have fought with the company for months (not Amazon – traditional retailers) finally giving up my quest for a repaired product (which I suspect was the retailers goal all along).

So i bought a router and a Kindle. Both of them worked but then died. The Kindle after nearly 9 months, the router well within the 30 days of original purchase. I would expect for the router a fairly routine swap, which honestly it was. The person was kind, efficient and got me up and running within 24 hours (shipping my new router overnight). In my book that was great customer service. They even provided a pre-paid UPS label to ship the router back to them – my cost, 0$!

With the kindle, being that it was nine months old – I feared for the worst. Well I have to say the customer service was kind, considerate and I had a new kindle on my doorstop yesterday.

I work in a customer facing, customer service profession and frankly I will be an Amazon customer for a long time now. I will look to Amazon first for anything I want to buy – simply because I know they have my back.

Kudos’s to Amazon support and returns. You guys rock!!!!!

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years complaining about service (EBAY, PAYPAL and Vonage to name a few blogs I’ve posted) but this time I had to post about a great experience.


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