The last day of last year :-)

New Years Eve is such a funny holiday. You see its the last day of last year, but it really isn’t activated until the first day of next year begins. Over the years I have been to parties, get away’s and every other way you can celebrate the day, before the New Year.

Its a strange day all the way around.

Random New Years Thoughts:

  • Will the economy turn around?
  • Will banks finally offer customer service? (My bank has been awesome for us the past 20 years but my friends tell me horror stories. 5/3 bank is a great bank!)
  • Is it possible that 2010 will be the year the new century kicks it into high gear?


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the setting sun

the day ends as it started

quiet tendrils of the far off sun

caressing the ground

then the tree tops

finally the edges of the red clouds

peeking just over the edge

the end

the final line

until no more

the quiet settles in

and the temperature

like a child realizing the pan is hot

touching the stove

and dropping the pan

a loud clatter

and then silence,



It is night.



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Why oh why is my cable modem so slow?

Lately I’ve been noticing (on my upgraded cable modem service) that in fact my upgraded cable modem service is slower than I would have expected. In fact I am paying for the optimal service my provider has and still I am feeling like the optimal service from that cable modem that I could get. Not really sure what I can do about that – over time the service seems to slow down.

Random Thoughts:

  1. I can’t imagine a world without stupid questions. How did athlete’s live in the days before the modern media following them everywhere?
  2. Does insecurity mean that you don’t have an alarm system internally?
  3. If the cable stops moving does the car stop?
  4. If the pier is short and the intended walk is long why would you choose to walk off the pier?
    1. Do you keep walking underwater?
    2. Does it really matter?
  5. Watched Indiana Jones as the Last Crusade again with my sons. That movie is/was amazing.


A review of birthday’s close to Christmas

Interesting that I married someone whose birthday is also close to Christmas. As you get older birthdays close to Christmas start to fade a little bit. When you are younger everyone makes a huge deal over getting you presents. But as you get older the party part of the birthday fades away. Which can be annoying sometimes but you learn to forget it.

Birthday’s are interesting things anyway.

This year is my last year before another milestone birthday. I am not sure that I am quite ready for the milestone so I am beginning to dread my next birthday. When I look around where I am now, I have accomplished most of what I set out to do. There are a few things left for me to “climb” (I want to go to New Zealand and to visit Moscow). But for the most part the done side of the bucket list is bigger than the To do side.

Perhaps it is time to come up with a new set of dreams.


The weather outside may

or may not be frightful. You see the clouds are gathering and the ticker on the bottom of the screen says that in fact we are due a winter storm. Its that time of year when you are never sure if today is the last day you can run to the store or not. So you run to the store along with half your neighbors and the rest of the world. Which is then the time that it doesn’t snow or sleet. So the next time you don’t go out and you are stuck in the house eating cheesy pretzels for two days because you didn’t have anything else in the house.

Oh well.

Its Indiana weather – wait 15 minutes it will change.


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Stepping off the cliff

There is a fine line between being a geek and being a technologist. I am not sure exactly where that line is, although I suspect I have crossed that line a million times in my life. I can and have argued that they are often blurry and frankly more often the same thing. But the reality of the world around me is that there are distinct differences:

  • Geeks are less about social and more about finding the right technology
  • technologists are more social and really want others to find value in the same technologies they find value in

I find myself split between that world frequently.

Take for instance my cable modem.

I’ve upgraded service twice recently only to find that I have more computers than service sometimes. Where is FIOS when you need it? Perhaps I should consider the number of boxes I have on my network. But that would be a technologists approach to a geek’s solution. If I think about cleaning up the computers I also have to consider taking the time to clean my office.

Instead what I should do is issue a dirty office challenge!

See, the technologists approach to the messy office is to create a mutual contest (messy office) rather than actually clean the office itself.


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