Stepping off the cliff

There is a fine line between being a geek and being a technologist. I am not sure exactly where that line is, although I suspect I have crossed that line a million times in my life. I can and have argued that they are often blurry and frankly more often the same thing. But the reality of the world around me is that there are distinct differences:

  • Geeks are less about social and more about finding the right technology
  • technologists are more social and really want others to find value in the same technologies they find value in

I find myself split between that world frequently.

Take for instance my cable modem.

I’ve upgraded service twice recently only to find that I have more computers than service sometimes. Where is FIOS when you need it? Perhaps I should consider the number of boxes I have on my network. But that would be a technologists approach to a geek’s solution. If I think about cleaning up the computers I also have to consider taking the time to clean my office.

Instead what I should do is issue a dirty office challenge!

See, the technologists approach to the messy office is to create a mutual contest (messy office) rather than actually clean the office itself.


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