What light through yonder window breaks…

None actually – recently put up some window film to cut the glare in the living room and it works well – actually makes the wall area by the windows warmer as well, which is an added benefit.

Random Thoughts:

  • Flying into or with a headwind adds or subtracts time from your flight. But truly, can a tailwind take away that much time?
  • I love my sons but they are crazy.
  • Well even beyond crazy, they are just like me.
  • And I blame my mother for that. She cursed me once “I hope you have children, that are just like you.” thanks mom 😉
  • I love my new flotv – sat in an airport bar and watch the tv set to the same channel behind the bar – but I could hear what the people were saying during the show, the rest of the folks could not.
  • The new TomTom GPS for the IPOD Touch is pretty easy to use.
  • I still think that for mobile devices Co-Pilot from ALK is the best.
  • Time to get ready for church.


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Things not to do at an airport security check

I’ve switched between checked bags and carryon’s over the years. Usually for a short trip I do a carry on – for a long trip I do checked bags. the thing I have realized is that the two or three critical things I need (my speakers, MP3 players and GPS) actually cause me to have to open my carry on bag and put them into the gray plastic tray provided by TSA otherwise they have to hand check both of my bags (not that I am complaining – I am glad TSA catches people with bags like mine – its is an incredibly hard job and their diligence in the end is protecting me and you).

But it adds time.

So, what not to include in your bags (or what to take out)

  • HD’s – they are dense and the x-ray device can’t see through them – so if they are on top – you can’t see underneath them
  • Forget to take off your shoes
  • Forget to take your cellular phone out of your pocket
  • Keys – they jingle jangle and of course accelerate X-Rays.
  • Wires (this is the one that gets me)
  • Charger transformers (for your computer)
  • your computer
  • netbook
  • Kindle

Everyone you forget adds time to your waiting and the waiting of hte other folks in line. My apologies to everyone behind me last night. I spaced completely.


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Neil Young

I have been a fan of Neil Young’s music since 1968 (yes I realize I wasn’t born that long ago, but of course who’s kidding who – I was 8 at that time). His music has driven pieces of my life for the past 40 years.

I found my heart of gold in 1991

I found I could live without a maid.

At times I felt transformed and at other times I felt lost within the winds that blow across your life.

I chased a dog named king.

Neil Young’s music has inspired me, driven me and helped me see another way to go.

Thank you sir, you’ve helped me see who I was and who I will be.


What does it mean, I’m sorry?

When you say I’m sorry what do you really mean? Do you mean that you wish you hadn’t done your part of what happened? Or that you shouldn’t have done what you did? What is it that you mean?

I do  not understand.

  • Time to get back on the travel horse. This week New Jersey, next two weeks Denver then off to Seattle. The miles continue to add up and United loves me.
  • which way is up when you are spinning around?
  • Why does it bother me so much?
  • I don’t understand.
  • I feel lost.

It is a long trip.


Three things you have to have, while on the road.

  1. An MP3 audio player and video player
  2. Headphones that dull the noise
  3. A good car stereo 😉

The first two are critical and the 3rd is a personal joke. The 3rd item is really a cellular phone.

  • Your car should have or purchase a nice Bluetooth car speaker set, the number of states that now outlaw you holding the cellular phone to your head is growing and the fines are pretty stuff.
  • Make sure you car also has an aux in or line in option. This allows you to connect the MP3 player directly. I love satellite radio – but for years I had one that used FM to rebroadcast the signal – it worked but you lost connectivity every once in awhile.
  • Look for multiple CD changers as well – they help for new music you don’t have on your MP3 player.

Having an AC adapter in the car helps too although I tend to take along a DC adapter for my laptop. Using the great product that allows you to have one laptop and charge multiple devices via usb.

Another great device to get is a jump start kit that includes a battery. This allows you to run other ac/dc devices quickly.

Solar chargers are nice but don’t add a lot of value now – they will.

Remember it is harder for someone to see you singing if you have tinted windows in your car.


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The quiet station

So first off congrats to the Colts. For most of my life I’ve been a Bears fan, but watching the continuous excellence of the Colts over the past 10 years has converted me to a Colts fan. GO BLUE!

Things stuck in my head right now

  • Stress is as stress does,
  • Quiet Excellence
  • Your seat can be used as a flotation device
  • Do you know how to buckle a seat belt?
  • If it tastes good it has to be bad for you.
  • anything you lose is always in the last place you look for it
  • lists are for kids
  • tricks are for rabbits
  • I can’t stop
  • help
  • I am trapped in a list factory
  • and I can’t get out.
  • this list brought to you by the vagaries of the human mind

Sorry that one just slipped out when I was sleeping