Three things you have to have, while on the road.

  1. An MP3 audio player and video player
  2. Headphones that dull the noise
  3. A good car stereo 😉

The first two are critical and the 3rd is a personal joke. The 3rd item is really a cellular phone.

  • Your car should have or purchase a nice Bluetooth car speaker set, the number of states that now outlaw you holding the cellular phone to your head is growing and the fines are pretty stuff.
  • Make sure you car also has an aux in or line in option. This allows you to connect the MP3 player directly. I love satellite radio – but for years I had one that used FM to rebroadcast the signal – it worked but you lost connectivity every once in awhile.
  • Look for multiple CD changers as well – they help for new music you don’t have on your MP3 player.

Having an AC adapter in the car helps too although I tend to take along a DC adapter for my laptop. Using the great product that allows you to have one laptop and charge multiple devices via usb.

Another great device to get is a jump start kit that includes a battery. This allows you to run other ac/dc devices quickly.

Solar chargers are nice but don’t add a lot of value now – they will.

Remember it is harder for someone to see you singing if you have tinted windows in your car.


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