Things not to do at an airport security check

I’ve switched between checked bags and carryon’s over the years. Usually for a short trip I do a carry on – for a long trip I do checked bags. the thing I have realized is that the two or three critical things I need (my speakers, MP3 players and GPS) actually cause me to have to open my carry on bag and put them into the gray plastic tray provided by TSA otherwise they have to hand check both of my bags (not that I am complaining – I am glad TSA catches people with bags like mine – its is an incredibly hard job and their diligence in the end is protecting me and you).

But it adds time.

So, what not to include in your bags (or what to take out)

  • HD’s – they are dense and the x-ray device can’t see through them – so if they are on top – you can’t see underneath them
  • Forget to take off your shoes
  • Forget to take your cellular phone out of your pocket
  • Keys – they jingle jangle and of course accelerate X-Rays.
  • Wires (this is the one that gets me)
  • Charger transformers (for your computer)
  • your computer
  • netbook
  • Kindle

Everyone you forget adds time to your waiting and the waiting of hte other folks in line. My apologies to everyone behind me last night. I spaced completely.


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