What light through yonder window breaks…

None actually – recently put up some window film to cut the glare in the living room and it works well – actually makes the wall area by the windows warmer as well, which is an added benefit.

Random Thoughts:

  • Flying into or with a headwind adds or subtracts time from your flight. But truly, can a tailwind take away that much time?
  • I love my sons but they are crazy.
  • Well even beyond crazy, they are just like me.
  • And I blame my mother for that. She cursed me once “I hope you have children, that are just like you.” thanks mom 😉
  • I love my new flotv – sat in an airport bar and watch the tv set to the same channel behind the bar – but I could hear what the people were saying during the show, the rest of the folks could not.
  • The new TomTom GPS for the IPOD Touch is pretty easy to use.
  • I still think that for mobile devices Co-Pilot from ALK is the best.
  • Time to get ready for church.


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