The Architect Home Companion

The people of Lake No Architecture (for more on this series please see my other blog as well

John Withers or old man withers as we called him when I was a youngster came to Lake No Architecture a broken man. His dream of building a AI system that could automatically pack your suitcase for a trip based on a couple of questions it would ask you prior to the packing. He had a prototype and the rumor when he came to town was that big travel companies had killed the dream.

He came to town in the early days of spring when the flowers were blooming and the air was filled as is always the case with spring, with hope. He took over the old five and dime store and opened our first and only engineering store. His dream was to sell people the solutions they needed without all the planning and process that stifled his dream (the auto-packing suitcase).

Shortly after arriving he took a wife, the lovely daughter of now long gone Mayor Switches. They had two sons William and Roger both of whom went on to long and distinguished careers including 3 terms as mayor Lake No Architecture between the two., Many people wondered why Old Man Withers didn’t run for mayor as he was asked a number of times over the years but he always said “ain’t no politician, I just sell ready made solutions.”

His store focused on building and selling solutions without all that pattern, process and other planning requirements. we spent many a summer’s day there (Old Man Withers refused to allow students in his store during the school year – he didn’t want to distract them from their education by letting them play with shiny new solutions when they had some of the older lesser solutions at school).


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