An Architecture Home Companion

It should be noted before we introduce today’s townie that we had a transcription error in the first few stories. The actual town name is not Lake No Architecture, its actually Lake Architectless.


We are having trouble reading the scrawled and somewhat illegible writing and therefore may have made a mistake again on the name. Our apologies…

The Lake Architectless Transcription team.


Peter McNeal

Every town in the world has it characters. That person who sits in front of the general store and tells stories about the way things used to be. Lake Architectless was no different, oh well maybe we were a little different in that our old guy sitting at the country store was a recent high school graduate, class of 09 to be exact. But he was the town character.

He made his way into the world the usual way, down the birth canal and into the hands of the town’s dentist/doctor. His mother said he started talking right after he got his butt smacked and took in that first solid breadth of air.

And he started telling stories almost right away. I can remember the first time I saw him, he was probably 10 years old at the time, standing on the corner telling the stories of Lake Architectless. The stories were amazing, stories of the great blizzard, Alabaster and the 32 home generators, the great freeze and hundreds of others. Standing there on corner telling the world about the world we lived in. The stories were funny too.

He became the oral history of our little town. He even knew the story about why everyone was allowed to have a stop sign in front of their house, which very few people would ever talk about.



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