An Architect Home Companion

John Thomas Redding

John Thomas Redding wasn’t born in Lake Architectless. His was a more romantic story. He met a girl at Ball State University in Northern Indiana. They fell deeply in love, and then her parents got sick. John being a good guy moved with the girl to where she could take care of her parents.

Over the years John moved up the chain in the city eventually becoming the data center manager. Along the way to the top he also fathered two sons. One, John Jr, being me the other was my brother but he isn’t featured in this story because well he was annoying.

John was a tall man. He walked astride the world like someone with a purpose. His smile was legendary my mother used to say he could smile away rain. When I was young I remember my dad smiling all the time but as he grew older he grew sadder. The politics of data center management ate at him. I remember him saying to my mother when he thought my brother and I were asleep:

“It’s stupid Jenny. They want everything and they want it 24/7. They expect me to have a data center that can support 100 servers and yet keep the air temperature at 68 degrees. It just can’t happen. The technology for cooling won’t handle it.”

I never heard what my mother said.

My dad played catch with us in the back yard on summer days. Throwing popups and grounders and teach us to lead with our mitts not our faces. In all fairness both my brother and I led with our faces a couple of times resulting in crying and bleeding. But it was all part of “the catch.” He took us to the fourth of July Fire-Work (the town was both concerned about safety and cost so they only bought one fire work to launch) and the annual Church picnic. He is a great dad.

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