An Architecture Home Companion

Mayor Reginald Toldhead

Elected Mayor roughly 11 months ago Reggie as he liked to be called represented an interesting mix of old and new Lake Architectless. His family, the ToldHeads were one of the first families to arrive after the founder built our city.

He was the youngest of eight children who never married. His life was running the fabric and networking store near the square. His father, Robert Toldhead owned the feedstore at the edge of town but the two had a falling out roughly 5 years ago and seldom spoke to each other. Rumor was that during the election father didn’t vote for son for Mayor.

There had been Wither’s and Toldhead’s as mayors since Switches McGee left town. Reggie was the 6th member of the Toldhead family to serve as mayor and some say he is/was the best ever.

In school Reggie was an average student more interested in watching the snow fall in the winter and the leaves fall in the fall than in paying attention to what the teacher was saying. But he had a way with words. Some say he was the greatest orator from Indiana since Abraham Lincoln abruptly left for Illinois (a fact that many old timers were still frustrated about).

A short man who was always afraid of shadows Mayor Toldhead actually installed bright as day lights all around the town square so that he could walk from his store, to his office as the mayor and then to his house without ever being in the dark.



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