An Architecture Home Companion

Thomas Loos

Thomas, or Tom or Tommy he went by a lot of names over the years. Tommy kind of lost its luster as he got older. Thomas was his Uncle’s name and he always felt odd when people called him that. Tom was the name he used most often and was the one I knew him by. In fact I knew him mostly as Uncle Tom.

Uncle Tom was a great guy. He used to come to our baseball games and was my dad’s best friend.

He moved to Lake Architectless around the same time as my parents. He and his new wife planned to live the small town life. Buy a small house, have a small family to live out the American dream in the small town of Lake Architectless. Aunt Mable as we called her when we were little made the best cookies on earth. One day while walking home from the store she fell over. Within a week she was dead and a big piece of Uncle Tom went with her.

Sure he was still the same great guy he had always been. But now there was edge of sadness in his voice. He still smiled at jokes, but no longer laughed out loud. He still came to the house on Sunday’s to watch Colts games and was always there when you needed to talk to an adult.

But things were never the same.



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