An Architecture Home Companion (AHHC)

Local Man to Move to Grand Rapids

Local Businessman David Stigler will be packing boxes for the next three weeks as he and his family prepare to move from Indiana to Michigan. “I was hoping for Chicago” David said when this reporter asked him why “Grand Rapids.” “The Company has offices in Chicago and then of course they send people to Grand Rapids as well. Most everyone wants Chicago, and I guess it was just my time.

Grand Rapids Michigan, famous as the home of former President Gerald R. Ford is neither grand, nor since the upstream dam are the rapids much to talk about. David, is taking his Indiana University flag to display hoping that it offsets the many Maize and Blue signs the sad people of Michigan seem to put everywhere.

Cave Discovery Part II

A secondary discovery the boys made while in the “City Hall Cave” has shocked both the town council and this reporter. As if our town hasn’t had enough tragedy in the past few years the discovery of former Mayor, town founder Switches McGee’s body trapped in the cave was shocking. The coroner called the cause of death multiple trauma’s to the cranium. That was a very nice way to say someone had taken a baseball bat to our former mayor killing him and then hiding the body. Our idyllic little town where crime had seemed to take a holiday for a long time, now has two murder trials to consider and mull.



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