An Architecture Home Companion (AHHC)

Indiana Toll Road to Increase Toll

The Great Indiana Toll-Road which of course is our best route to Chicago will be raising the tolls this year. Traditionally Indiana has striven to remain away from the Pennsylvania tradition of nearly $20 dollars to cross the state on the toll road. Indiana has set its rate at between 2-4 dollars to make it all the way from border to border. With these new rates our great state becomes much closer to the $20 than the $2 to cross the state. There better be some great draws in the state to make people pay to drive across.

Lost Cat

Mrs. Wilkins of the elementary school reports that her cat, Mr. Paws, has gone missing. Mrs. Wilkins, Principal of the Elementary School brings Mr. Paws with her every day for the children. “He rides in the front seat and wears his seatbelt” she told this reporter. “He has been coming with me for almost 5 years. Every day he rides to school and then sits in the school office and greets the children as they come in for the day.”

A reward has been issued for finding Mr. Paws, the entire school pooled their leftover lunch money coming up with nearly $50 dollars as a reward for the safe return of their school mascot.

Unexplained water

Yesterday local businessman William Solicits reported that the bard yard of his lawn machine business suddenly had a pool of water. The water appeared overnight and was originally thought to be due to a hose or facet that was left on. However a review of all the facilities in the area of the pool found no leaking, open or other known sources of water. The university team called in to examine the sink hole in the center of town stopped by to examine the pool but found no explainable sources of the water.



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