A friend asked me this the other day

(short break from the architecture home companions series to recharge my batteries)



If you could only change one thing, what would it be?

The context of the question was we were talking about the past and in particular a project we had been working on back then. It took a long time to come to fruition and we were discussing the concept of could we have done things differently, then we got onto the concept of change.

From there we talked about is there one thing in your life you would change?

I’ve been thinking about that line ever since and frnakly can’t pin down only one thing. Changing the one thing results in so many other vairalbes that I wonder, is it even possible.

But anyway – one thing – what would it be?


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2 thoughts on “A friend asked me this the other day

  1. Sunscreen during the high school lifeguarding days. All upside, no downside.There\’s a great episode of Start Trek Next Generation when Captain Picard has the opportunity to go back in time and fix those big regrets in his life. He makes safer decisions, chooses friends who are less cavalier about taking chances, and ends up as a lower-level scientist who never took the risks needed to advance his career as a command officer, much less a captain of a whole starship. By "fixing" the mistakes his life that made him what he is, he simply traded one set of regrets for another.

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