It seems a long way to well, fall for more episodes of An Architecture Home Companion. I am recharging and only doing one blog of AHHC for a couple of weeks.

I’ve been listening to audible books for years, but this week have been listening tot he excellent book “How to build a dinosaur.” I used to teach second grade (which some people will tell you is where my maturation process stopped anyway so it was a good fit) where you focused about 1/3 of the science curriculum on the concept of dinosaurs. In this particular book the interesting thing to me is the concept that birds are the last dinosaurs. That in fact dinosaurs never actually became extinct rather they morphed into a smaller form and the bigger ones died off. Hard to sustain dominance of a planet for more than 150 million years anyway.

The book has really stirred my thinking and I recommend it.



One thought on “It seems a long way to well, fall

  1. i suspected this fact ages ago back in grade school, around 5th grade… when killing chickens with my aunt and uncle on their farm. looking at their feet, their skin, there was no question they evolved from those ancient beasts. the wishbone, the hips, they all inferred birds from long ago. it\’s a shame the old dinosaurs in schools and museums are just now accepting this reality…hmm…maybe it should all go to the birds…

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