Stretching (for more of the Architecture Home Companion series – I am taking a break for a couple of weeks from doing two AHHC’s a day.) (my podcast)

Wednesday April 28th 2010

I feel like Captain Kirk (star date 04282010).

Funny how things change over time. I watched the original star trek series and loved it. I was pretty space crazy back then, watching and doing everything sci-fi and NASA related. The first major science merit badge I earned in scouts was astronomy! I still love star gazing, but now it is a lot easier. I have a windows mobile application that reads my gps settings and tells me where I am, and what the night sky should look like. I have a programmable telescope that then turns to the objects I can see. I can then connect my laptop to the telescope via a usb video camera or my digital camera via a mount and take pictures of the night sky. What once was the purview of scientists at big universities I can now do in my backyard. Funny how things change over time.



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