Quietly considering my options




What do we mean by options? Do we mean choices? Do we really have choices? What do we mean by choices? Can I choose to run naked through the park? Yes. Is that the best way to express my choices? No. So what do we mean when we save we have choices, options? What options do we really have?

There are rules that bind us and guide us.

These rules control the options we have. Which means in effect we really don’t have many options.

No options.

Ok so that is easier to “grok.” But much harder to accept.


The sealed envelope (left by your predecessor of course). Blame everything on me.


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One thought on “Quietly considering my options

  1. options assume you have a choice within the boundaries of the rules. you can always choose another option, and that is to choose to not choose from those options, and make your own rules. so yes! it IS the best way to express my choices… and that is to not let rules govern your options.

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