Another shameless review

On occasion I spend significant time traveling. Recently I found a company (Connectify) that has built a solution based on some code that MS never finished in Windows 7. It basically allows your laptop to be a wi fi hotspot and allows you to share your Internet connection.

When coupled with a broadband card – you can now set-up a device that shares that Internet connection via wifi allowing multiple devices to share your broadband card. Add an ASUS netbook to the mix and for a small amount of cash you have a smart router that you can take with you, no matter where you go!

(and by the way to activate all of this – use ActiveWords – which remains the most amazing tool I’ve used, period).

From netbook boot to running a wi-fi hotspot for all my devices in less than 3 minutes. Truly an amazing combination of tools for the mobile warrior (and with that you can also share other devices!!!)

On to bigger and better things!


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