An Architecture Home Companion (AHHC)

In the beginning

An explanation of the stories contained in An Architecture Home Companion.

I grew up in a small Indiana town. Bloomington is the home of Indiana University which causes the town to swell from its summer lethargy of 55,000 people to well over 88,000 people with the students. I grew up in that environment south of the city in a neighborhood filled with beginning professors. We went outside when it was 6 in the morning in the summer and didn’t come home until dinner time. We would go to various houses each day to get lunch. But for the most part we were outside and on our own.

You could never do that now with your children, it’s a different world. But then it was something that was common. Kids didn’t stay indoors in the summer unless they were sick. The neighborhood where I few up was under construction which made it the perfect for kids. There were half finished roads (the road dug out, but no concrete) that made great obstacle courses for our bikes. There were foundations that had been dug but never finished (which made for great forts for dirt clod fights). It was a paradise for children in a time when you could be a child.

It is those fond memories of Indiana that drove many of the stories shared in my blogs. With the note that my professional upbringing has given me an opportunity to poke fun at some of the sacred cows of my profession (in particular planning and operations) in these pages. By no means is there any intent to harm or offend anyone. I simply wanted to consider what the world would look like if things were not planned.



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