An Architecture Home Companion (AHHC)

The damn, dam

Earthen dam’s were all the rage in Indiana when the Lake was built. Or the river was stopped by the dam creating the lake, not sure that Lakes are created, I suspect is more that they are manufactured. In the case of Lake Architectless there was a dam, earthen that stretched about 250 yards and stood roughly 35 feet tall. At one end of the dam there was a sluice or overflow gate, with another overflow setup in the other corner of the dam. The second overflow was simply a concrete flood plain that was roughly set at 33 feet, or two feet below the rest of the dam in case the sluice gate couldn’t handle the volume of water.

Sometime around 2 pm on Sunday afternoon after church when everyone was relaxing or driving over to Fort Wayne for a family outing as we had, an Eco terrorist group blew up the sluice gate, releasing all the water from Lake Architectless. We knew right away, or at least the sheriff knew that in fact it was an Eco terrorist group, as that type of organization protested environmental damage by buildings and seldom blew things up that cause more ecological damage after the explosion than before.

The “who” was in question but not the what. The what was an entire polluted lake suddenly and completely emptied. Water that emptied all over the streets of Lake Architectless, although the sinkhole made a nice lake in front of the city building/general store until the water was drained away.

The water in question of course was filled with a high content of battery acid.



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