An Architecture Home Companion (AHHC)

The Screaming Eagle Volume 12, Issue 255

Lake Architectless, waterless

Sunday afternoon the dam that protects the city from the water of Lake Architectless, which since the great battery acid problem is more protection than we had planned for in the past, was blown up. Actually blown up is probably the wrong term for this horrifying event. Somewhere just after 2 pm the dam was attacked by what appears to be Eco Terrorists in a horrifying explosion that destroyed the sluice gates and concrete retaining walls. The water contained behind the dam flowed towards town like a giant wall of destruction. Horace Means, whose farm is just on the outskirts of town said that the wall of water carried away his favorite cow Bessie and washed out his entire north corn field.

Sheriff Brownlee and his deputy reviewed the site from a distance, there was a considerable amount of water still flowing out of the destroyed sluice gate and they were not able to get close. They did however see the mark of the Eco Terrorist group Gaia on the remaining concrete wall with the slogan “free the waters of mother earth.” Sheriff Brownlee felt that the slogan was in fact a distraction, “no Eco Terrorist group in their right mind would release polluted waters into the flood plains. They like to destroy buildings and dams that are causing damage to the environment, no one’s that are holding back pollution.”

By 4:20 pm the entire city was flooded. Residents flocked to city center to see what could be seen. The town council called an emergency meeting, the 21st of this year for this evening. The Screaming Eagle was also heavily impacted as the warehouse containing the majority of our newsprint was flooded, resulting in this single page edition of the paper.



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