An Architecture Home Companion (AHHC)

The Screaming Eagle Volume 12, Issue 256

Monday morning as Monday’s often do revealed the devastation of Sunday afternoon. In this particular Monday view of the world we find ourselves looking at a gap between the sluice gates and the side of the dam holding back the mighty Yellow River. Yes the children of Lake Architectless have made fun of our mighty river for the past 20 years. “How do you make a Yellow river” one child will ask the other “Four cans of pop” the other child will answer. But once again our fair city will be threatened by the spring thaw that will swell the Yellow River to overflowing and will flood our fair city. Our dam is no more.

Sheriff Brownlee is investigating the explosion that rocked our fair city this Sunday past. While there are a number of clues he is considering, the most glaring is that the group apparently in their rush to escape misspelled the name of the very planet they are/were trying to protect. That and they released one of the most polluted lakes in Indiana into the ecology of the rest of the downstream. Water flowing from Lake Architectless will eventually wander to the mighty Ohio and Mississippi rivers until it reaches the Gulf of Mexico. This reporter followed that flow once on a vacation trip on the Southern Belle Paddle Wheeler when she was still running. It remains the vacation our family still talks about all the time. (author’s note, while the article was pulled from the Screaming Eagle I just have to say that in fact that family only talked about that freaking New Orleans vacation. A couple of years later I dated their eldest daughter and spent hours at their house. I watched the New Orleans trip slides nearly 200 times and was only at their house a total of 12 times).

Sheriff Brownlee promises a swift investigation with the intent of bringing the people who soiled our fair town to justice.


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