On the ground in Italy



So some initial random thoughts/concepts.

  1. You can tell driving into a European city why various groups settled where they did in the US – the landscape looks virtually the same.
  2. More churches in a block of Milan downtown than in all of Greenwood Indiana (ok that isn’t true but it feels like that as you drive in).
  3. Why is it regardless of hotel chain, they always advertise where you are as one of their premier locations?
  4. I love the tall thin can’s of diet coke zero – very cool!

I never sleep on the plane flying to Europe (and can’t wake up on the way back) so I am little tired, but on the ground again in Europe. It is my second consecutive

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start of June in Europe and I think roughly the 6th or 7th time I’ve been overseas during the Indy 500.


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