On a summer Wednesday



Heading up north tomorrow, one day business one day family.

Then heading up north again in July, but that one is all family.

I am amazed that my book around the blog series “An Architecture Home Companion” is selling as well as it is. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded it for their PC (using the Kindle Reader) or their Kindle from the Amazon store. Perhaps I should write down some of the old Fred and Ed stories and post those as well for the Kindle.

I’ve crossed the 1000 blog threshold with nearly 500 blogs on wordpress and another 550+ here on spaces. I am also blogging about the IASA Board of Education on the IASAHome.org page if you are curious as to what we are doing as far as building an education program for Architects.

Last thing, wish list kind of item. I saw the new PN-60 GPS from Delorme, what an amazing device if you are into GPS’s. I love using topo maps when walking – so its a great addition when it ships in July.

Now if I can only solve the SSE issue (socialist sync engine) life would be complete.

I suspect however the SSE issue will plague me and others for a lot longer than this summer.


Just one step to the left




I am over the rain. Please stop.

I have a dear friend in Columbus Ohio, 120 miles or so to the east of Indianapolis. No Rain. Indianapolis? Rain three out of the last four days. My lawn is now a marsh. I see alligators moving in next week when it becomes an old marsh (swamp).

So rain, please stop.

The office environment…

  • Do you listen to music?
  • What about a speaker phone?
  • What is the perfect office environment?

For me its a large screen (I hate straining to see my monitor). The Sony Dash flashing information for me all day long and of course my squeezebox jamming to Sirius the 80’s.

Light is important and my wife helps there. She got the new Phillips light bulbs that are energy efficient and light up the room very nicely. Plus they last 3 times longer so you don’t have to change them as often.

All I need now is a beer tap!


review – Olympus Stylus Tough



So for those who know me well I am a gadget freak.

I am also a huge digital camera fan. My progression there has been going on for a long time (more than 14 years).

I stated with the apple quicktake 100, and then the next version (I think it was the 150).

I’ve had a number of different camera’s over the years. From Sony to Canon I think I’ve played with them all (with of course apologies to the pinball wizard on that line).

What are the three things that limit digital cameras (and for that matter camera’s in general)

  1. fragility
  2. water
  3. quality

With the new Stylus Tough series Olympus has blown those problems, away.

  1. 14 mega pixels gets you to the quality level that you need for any family shots.
  2. SDHC support means you can have up to 32 gigs of SD card storage for your device
  3. 720 p HD video support means good video
  4. waterproof to 32 feet
  5. Panoramic pictures built in
  6. You can drop this device 6 feet and it won’t care
  7. did I mention waterproof?

Good quality pictures, easy to use camera. Decent digital zoom all are additional features that make this camera a great addition to your bag.

Worst feature – you can’t use the camera while you are charging the battery which is a bit of a pain.

All in all this is a great camera to carry with you!


Father’s day



My top five 2010 devices (not in order of preference)

  1. Olympus tough cameras – waterproof (to 30 feet) 14 megapixel camera (720 hd video) great all in one camera to carry with you!
  2. Sony DASH – you always have the information sources you need right in front of you
  3. Squeezebox – for the second year in a row (if I had done a survey last year) this audio device remains the top of the list!
  4. Zune 64 HD – what a way this device has come – it is the equal of the ipod now!
  5. Windows Mobile HD2 phone – I am not sure I could live without this device now.

I find myself using the same devices over and over again (hence this list).


Make mine a single please



Airports –

  • way too many people
  • why does the wi-fi in the lounge have so many steps to connect?
  • why is the noise level 10 times lower in the lounge than the airport?
  • Why are airports so noisy?
  • Why does local Chicago beer taste better (goose island)

Traveling –

  • It is frustrating to travel you never have what you need with you
  • why are airplanes either freezing or roasting?
  • why does the phrase ATC flow control cause me to panic?
  • why does the phrase thunderstorm cause me to shiver?

Time passes slowly in an airport.


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Can it be?



I looked around to see

a floor, a window and a tree

and the quiet

with the TV Blaring

clouds rolling

rain falling

the sun slipping behind a lost cloud

a forgotten gray mass floating

through the sky

into the room

and then around the light

swirling around


it was no more

or was no more than it had been

less than it could be but

still a cloud

“I am a cloud” the cloud saying with a child’s voice

“a cloud”


it seemed

as it floated out the door again

sad it seemed as is floated away

“a cloud” it said as it faded out of sight



just another rainy day in Seattle



I wonder over the past 13.9 years I have written that line either in an email or a blog.

Perhaps I am a broken record 🙂

3 things I would love to see change…

  1. The number of times I get to see some of my friends in a year. Last night we had a party and I got to see some folks I only see once or twice a year. That is not enough by any means.
  2. Someone needs to buy “Andy Ruth” brew and take them national. Last night’s tasting continued his tour de force. Andy without a doubt brews some of the best beer in the world.
  3. why does it take longer to get home from somewhere you want to be then it did to get there?

Random Thought:

GPS systems reduce your stress while driving by reducing the number of decisions you have to make, correctly, quickly. However in reducing the number of choices and decisions they also limit your ability to make some of the decisions like “take the fastest route” or don’t take me in the straightest route.