At the bottom of the messy desk issue

The color of my desk is brown (no not from current knowledge – I found a couple of pictures). The carpet on the floor of my office is gray – I can see that.

It is not that I am a sloppy person (although a bit of a packrat). My old excuse was that I traveled a lot and I didn’t have time – now I am busy and don’t travel as much so I still don’t have time.

The other issue I have is one of storage. I posted an idea a while about the multiple USB power strip. I suspect now, that if I knew then what I know now, I would have built one myself. I also would have done the following:

  • pre-wire the house for CAT-6
  • Pre-wire the walls with power strips
  • Run a separate circuit from the street to my office
  • Run additional land lines
  • added a permanent cellular booster

If we ever move – those are the first 6 things I am doing in my new office. I don’t have the lab I used to have (12 to 14 computers) as I am not a line consultant anymore. But I do have a couple of machines – and many HD’s running (multiple copies of the family digital photos).

So, someday my office will be clean.


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