Why is it that confusion is the easiest way to deal with everything?



We’ve been back to school for two weeks now. I say we, because the first couple of post summer weeks the kids kind of go through a withdrawal process that forces the parental units to engage a lot more than we normally would. Although I have to say all three kids get up in the morning better than I do.

This is the first year we don’t have anyone in elementary school. They are high school and middle school aged now – so you would figure they were more used to school, than not used to school. But the reality of the higher levels of school is they have much more to cover and a lot less time – so they hit the books hard the very first day. Going for 8-12 hours of freedom – minus camp and other activities to less than two hours of freedom per day is a hard lump to swallow at first.

Sometimes I wonder if it is harder for me or for them.

I think its harder for me. Part of me is sad (they are growing up) and part of me is excited (they are really a lot of fun to hang out with now).


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