An obsession with maps

It started years ago with a compass and a topographic map in boy scouts. The first time I looked at a topographic map I couldn’t read it at all, but a love was born. Its funny now, looking back on the topographic maps we used all those years ago. Now we have GPS units that can have connections to satellites and views of the trail from space as well as the topographic map.

But it felt like we were explorers and that is where my love of maps comes from. I am a huge fan of GPS units now, because frankly reading topographic maps wasn’t easy. Now, with my gps I can plot a course and evaluate which way to go so that when my walk is done I will have been able to cover the things I wanted.

For example some days I like to climb a lot of hills. I have a route that is planned on my GPS that I can walk along that covers a lot of hills. I like to listen to audible books while walking – so the GPS is kind of critical at that point.

Amazing how things from your childhood become things that you do as an adult.


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