Doom and gloom – 5-0 is approaching and

I don’t mean the replay of the old CBS show Hawaii 5-0

As I near a milestone birthday I have to ask myself was it worth it?

I have an amazing family. My wife is a gift. My children are simply the coolest people I know. So yes that part is worth it.

I love my job. Ok so two out of three so far good.

The rest of my family is pretty cool – nieces, nephew and sisters/brothers in law all pretty cool people.

My parents remain amazing.

We have the world’s oldest dog living in our house (well she is only 15 but its like she’s aged 30 years in the past 2 years – time to have the quality of life discussions but still a great dog). We have the world’s sweetest Labrador (except when begging, then there is the entitlement issue).

The big 50 doesn’t seem to bad to me now.

We shall see however as the clock ticks.


A great day in the sun

Lost between here and there

the light slips between the cracks and flows

out into the night like syrup

slowly at first

seeking the edges until finding a crack

an edge

a moment

it slips out and escapes towards

another star

its journey of a million years

but a fraction of time

a fraction

the light is free

and with a squeal starts that endless journey


it will never end

but that

in starting the

light is free.

I watch that crack for hours

watch the light escape

afraid to open the door

free the rest of the light

afraid of what is inside.



3-d glasses and a future not as bright as one would expect

I left the theatre yesterday (yes the more formal English version of the theater) still wearing my 3-D glasses. To say I was shocked with what happened next is probably an understatement.

Like the character in the star trek episode (“For the world is hollow and I have touched the sky) I walked out of the theatre only to discover that the world I had left in the movie – that had been in glowing and expanding three dimensions, was in fact not the world I lived in.

For I was wearing 3-d glasses “and the world is in 2-D).

Imagine my shock and dismay upon discovering that the world I lived in only had two dimensions. I felt a bit like Edward Abbott or some other “flatlands” escapee. The world was not three dimensions.

Plus once realizing the world was 2-D and my eyes had now been opened to 3-D, I tripped three times on the way to my car.


The new pulse smart pen


(echo, echo, echo) ok I had to do that.

The new pulse smart pen from Lightscribe is the Echo. I’ve been a long proponent of smart pens, and I love my lightscribe device. The thing that is nice about the lightscribe devices is they are multi or mixed media devices. You can take notes, and record audio, with the pen linking the two together.

With various notebooks available you can leverage the device in almost every scenario. I use them on the plane a lot (cramped seats) and they are really effective ways to jot down a quick idea or two.

I also use them when I listen to someone’s presentation for pre-boards. It lets me go back to what they have said while linking that to what I was thinking about at the time.

The echo offers 8 gigs of storage which is very nice. The applications you can use are also handy/useful. I highly recommend these devices.


Review–8 months of Flo

We went to Kings Island a month or so ago. Nick and I went on rides and Barb took Luke on some other rides. It was nice to spend time with Nick. But he and I were a little early for the planned meeting (everyone together for lunch) and had to sit at the Eiffel Tower for a bit.

Luckily I had the FLOTV in my hip bag and Nick was entertained. I could do my email (the joy of windows mobile) and some work while the boy enjoyed the wonder of television in the palm of your hand.

Four or five parents looked over at me, as their kids ran around with their excitement highs, wishing they had FLOTV. A couple of them came over and looked at it, asking questions.

That right there is a wonder of FLO. I watched College Basketball’s march madness (my favorite) where ever I was. Once they add placeshifting FLO will be in the arsenal of every parent.

(and every sports fan – I watched two world cup games in the airport – that I would have missed)

Still digging the flo!


Finding your voice


Years ago I wanted to be a writer. I’ve accomplished that (although not to the degree I had dreamed) in writing tons of poems, short stories, books both fiction and non-fiction that have been published over the years. Plus nearly 50 articles and columns in technical magazines and other places.

With my blog I’ve self published even more (over 1100 blog entries).

The reason I wanted to be a writer (and for a long time a poet) was the expression of emotions in writing. Its sometimes I’ve always done better in writing than in person. I’ve been working on that for years and continue to struggle with expressing my emotions with words and with physical contact. I am better now because I don’t want to punish my children with my personal issue so at least now I can hug fairly easily.

Writing is an expression for me. I love to go on long walks where I can clear my head and think, but it is while writing that my best thinking happens.

Oh well.

Anyway one of the core concepts of wanting to be a writer is the concept of “your voice.” It is something that all writers seek. It takes you years to consider, evaluate and eventually find. I struggle with my voice constantly (see the various styles, approaches etc on my blogs).

But my voice like any other voice is there and I will find it.


60 days with the ASUS 101mt

Shameless review – sorry.

So I’ve had the ASUS MT101 for 60 days now. I have to say it is the best netbook I’ve had (of the three so far) without a doubt. But in fairness my opinion is completely biased and I will share that first:

  1. Best router I’ve ever had (portable) bar none. I can connect it to my at&t aircard, hotel wifi or hotel wired and share connections with all my devices – simply awesome.
  2. Perfect size for taking notes during meetings.
  3. ASUS online storage is a huge plus.

Since I purchased this netbook I’ve ended up getting ASUS machines for my wife and daughter. Other than a problem with the factory shipped version of the first one we got, they’ve been great additions to the family.

I’ve upgraded my unit to 2 gigs which really helps with web browsing and office applications. OneNote performs like a champ on this device, which since it is a tablet “like” device its perfect.

I’ve loaded windows 7 professional and am loving the whole solution. My 3 key uses are truly worth the device, adding the memory has made office applications perform well. So all in all I give this unit a hearty buy rating!