A noisy fan



The social convergence and the darn fan in my server box that just won’t stop making noise.

1. I’ve replaced the fan twice now – and each time it blows up. Oh well…

I own a few multimedia devices – some for testing and learning, others for personal use. My Ipod Touch, and Zune 64 are my primary walk around and listen devices. My Zune 120 is sort of my junk heap containing my video’s mostly now. But the device that continues to dominate what I do and how I entertain myself remains the Kindle.

It is interesting to me now, watching the number of devices that are out there (and ones that are coming) that offer the convergence of social networking and my media. While I certainly love my friends – they don’t always want to know that it is Monday morning and I am listing to Transformer by Neil Young to get up and get motivated. What they want to knew (at least I hope it is what they are interested in – what the family did over the weekend).

Then it hit me, the convergence of the reality I live in, and the reality of the social world around me. What will be was but will be again.

I can with a small number of devices virtually cover every media type I’ve ever been interested in. HD Radio, satellite radio, utube and videos it is simply the most amazing thing. I can entertain myself in three or four different ways (over 300 books on the kindle – try lugging 300 books in your carryon, gigs of music and videos I enjoy. Pictures of my kids (I have thousands of those).  Best of all they don’t work together. Well they work in a limited fashion (itunes for the ipod interacts with my windows PC, Zune does as well) but somehow for this to go to the next level, there needs to be one engine to rule them all and in the cloud bind them.

If only I could fix that rattling fan.


From here to there is a straight line yet…



Rumor is Windows Live Spaces blogging is going away (that makes me sad – this blog has been my home on the internet for more than 5 years and over 600 entries). I’ve published poems here, thoughts, reviews and sometimes even interesting ideas and posts.

As it begins to drift away I wonder.

What happens to a blog when it dies?

What happens to old ideas? Do they simply lie in the same spot forever, forgotten?

I’ve used this space for all these years to put down thoughts and ideas. When I was first learning to type, my father taught me to type and think at the same time. I can be creative while typing and not miss a beat (although sometimes I can’t be creative to save my soul, typing or sitting).

Now I am losing my mojo. Oh well. I have another blog that I use for serious stuff (mostly work “relevant” although seldom work related). Perhaps it is time to bring back the name Sandler Boggs and let him again take over my creative energies. Much like Phaedrus in the book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” Sandler is a demon I have battled for years. I knew Sandler well once, and now have let time and distance make us almost into enemies. Perhaps it is time to welcome him back and let him see where he wants to end up.


I feel sorry for Blockbuster, but…



When we lived in Cincinnati (which now seems like forever ago – but it was only 11 years ago) we used to go to the video store on Friday nights and plan our weekend viewing. The video store was in our neighborhood (just down the street a bit) so we would walk over to the store in decent weather.

Now, we simply log into Netflix and the movies are at our doorstep. While the brick and mortar store was a good thing for videos 10 or so years ago, it has faded since. I do miss the joy of going to the video store to find a movie – but frankly if you had your heart set on a specific one you were often disappointed.

Today we simply manage our Netflix queue to get movies when we want them. You are never disappointed because you can pick the movie. Although I do miss the days when we could wander in and wander around looking for that one magic movie.

The more things change, the different they are.


traveling vs not traveling



So for the past 11 or more years I have traveled a lot. Virtually every week I’ve needed to be somewhere other than where my family is. Until recently when I have been able to be home more in my new role.

Traveling the past two weeks took a lot out of me. You don’t realize how much of a travel mind-set you have to have to travel all the time.

Its really not even something you notice – it is just something you do. You mentally prepare your body clock from the time zone changes and other things.

When you stop doing that every week – it becomes a conscious process and frankly you are likely to forget what you need to do to arrive and survive.

The past two weekends I have been wiped out by traveling. Amazing how quickly the human body forgets a process it has been doing for 11 years for one that is new.

Still tired.

But I will survive! I would rather be home working than on the road any day of the week.


The motorcade is whizzing by



There is a knocking on the door

but the choir sings so loud

we don’t hear the knocking

and it passes by

The motorcade whizzing by

the officers alarmed watching carefully

“Are you a terrorist?” asks the baby duck

concerned citizens look for the motorcade

as it whizzes by

concerned people inside



but through tinted windows you cannot see

nor hear

nor stop

the officers look concerned

“are you a terrorist” asks the baby duck

can you hear the knocking in the door?

as the motorcade whizzes by

can we stop?

can the choir stop?

Can we hear the knocking on the door?



Sunny days and weekends



I’ve just returned from the IASA World Summit in New York City. What an event! from having a chance to network with people I only see once or twice a year (and some less than that) it was awesome!

Event Highlights:

Angela Yochem did an awesome job on her keynote talking about how architecture can flourish within a large organization.

Alan Hakimi reproduced his exceptional work “The Zen of Architecture”

Microsoft was also represented by Miha Kralj and Stephen Cohen. Both of those fine gentlemen acquitted themselves well during the event!

Andy Ruth, VP of Education for IASA had a couple of very critical presentations that were exceptional!

Socialization during the event and after hours was amazing.

The Content and facilities – awesome!

Event Lowlights:

“With God as my witness I will not go hungry again” Gone with the Wind. But sadly eating in NYC is expensive.

Hotels in NYC are also expensive.


Event Impression:

As a world summit for Architects this is a long overdue and frankly long needed event. As it grows (this was the first official IWS) it is going to be amazing. During the summit the leaders of the IASA chapters had a chance to get together and talk about growing the chapter membership. The IASA Board of Education also had its first in person meeting – which was simply an amazing meeting to be in.

Now the only question is, where will the IWS be next year!


A poem for those who seek words



In the jungle

the lions roar, well

roar then stop then roar again

the lights wave back and forth

the jungle has no streets signs

(at eye level or below)

a motorcade

roars through the jungle

the monkey’s stand and watch

their eyes growing larger

then fading

the slowing closing

the heat rising

the wind not moving anything

but banana leaves

that float in the air

attached to nothing

but not falling

and I wonder…



Good morning New York



If a day were like an hour how many days would you spend thinking about what happened in the past hour?

The noises of New York City keep me awake at night. I am used to the heartbeat of a rural world where there are no 3 am noises. In the “big” city there are a number of noises that wake me up. I am a country boy at heart I guess.

So far the IWS has been quite interesting. A number of good sessions at one of the few conferences in the world devoted to the world of software architecture.

Now if I could only sleep.


Another day, another trip, another city



From airplane to cab and into another hotel and another city. At night coming in from the airport all cities look the same. But New York has a life that goes 24 hours a day. You hear the garbage trucks, the cops and the fire trucks all night long.  I slept like a log (tired) but got up too early.

NYC is a wonderful vibrant city but it is too busy for me. I like the slower lifestyle of the country. Occasionally (and I know I am a sick man) I like to see more grass than can fit in a window box.

Time to get rolling – busy day ahead.


This day in history



On this day in my personal history, nothing happened.

I don’t have a sign in my house that reads “George Washington slept here.” I do have a couple of great t-shirts from the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago (“Capone talked in his sleep” and “JFK never slept here”) But no Washington slept here plaque. In fact no one famous has ever slept in our house (that I know of).

So there is nothing to celebrate on this day in family history. No birthdays, no deaths, no accidents or joyous victories. It is simply another day. In fact, we have roughly 358 of those every year (we do have a few deaths and birthdays to remember) but overall our birthdays are pretty clustered (having twins you would expect that) into a tight number of days.

Just another day (although the family calendar is full today with lots of activities) it is just another day.

That will have to be my song as I go forward, just another day!