Continuing my thoughts–on the matter of adepts

In my “serious blog” I’ve been diving into developing a solution leveraging technology to make the world a better place. Which is why when I think about my blog of yesterday I am concerned. Mostly with myself for leveraging the easy way out (adepts) rather than exploring the topic and matter more deeply.

Then again it is a blog and you really aren’t going to get real deep in your blog often.

An Adept

So the problem is the concept of an adept. Someone with a “special” or “given” ability to do something. We’ve all read about math genius’ with no other skills. A technology adept is less a special case and more of someone who has taken the time to see the correlation between systems in nature and systems built by man to replicate those systems or extend those systems. From flight to scuba gear we are simply extending a view of nature.

I wonder if an adept is really just the person in the crowd that sees the green snake as it cuts across the trail in front of the group, or the one who sees the hawk as it bursts into the air and points it out to others.

A technology adept as someone who is in fact connected with the systems in nature and therefore sees the overall picture and potential. They are able to troubleshoot and understand technology, not because they are “attuned” to technology or have an affinity, rather they see the outcome and seek the corrections to the path that will get them there.

So, my apologies for using the term adept yesterday.


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