Traveling band

We’ve recently been traveling to visit other churches on Sunday’s (leaving our home parish to try other churches). My lovely wife says that isn’t normal (churches want to to stay home/feel at home/be at home in one parish). But I wonder about that, not that my wife is wrong, rather should churches take that attitude.

Is in fact religion and your personal faith a journey or a destination?

If church is the discernment to arrive at your faith, then taking time to visit other churches should be encouraged. The Amish send their children into the modern world at 18 so that they have a chance to confirm the choice (or decline the option) of being Amish for the rest of their life.

Why don’t churches do that? Allow parishioners to see the other side of the fence, the grass may be greener but the people you know always look like the greenest grass of all!


My new goal – convince churches that parishioners need sabbaticals as well.

My spiritual journey is my spiritual journey.



Garage cleaning day so its blog cleaning day as well

Nearing 1500 blog posts. Smile

Three books from my blog Smile

An Architecture Home Companion (available on the Kindle)

Transitional Services (nearing publication)

Syncverse (in process)

The ghost of Sandler Boggs has returned – I don’t know about the rest of you but I haven’t seen that guy in nearly 30 years.

Starting to clean out my office (a daunting task) and have tons of stuff on eBay if you are interested in participating in the virtual garage sale!

More than 2700 downloads of my external podcast ( with two poetry readings and a Fred and Ed story added this month.

Kinect comes out this Thursday and I am super excited. My kids are more excited but that is to be expected!

Fable III is out – all three kids love that series for some strange reason (although the boys like Halo Reach more right now).

Windows Phone 7 is but a week away and frankly that is the most exciting phone launch yet (for me). That is a game changer!!!!!

Anyway – I need to head up to the garage and start cleaning.





What the cat saw the mouse feared, but what did the cat fear

The path was long and winding and led to a cemetery

where the dead cat was know to swing

(not by a rope rather for a band)

swaying with the music

tiny cat feet

marking cat time

the long rope laying at its side

coiled as a serpent

with a head and

dark black eyes that stared

as though you were not there

its tongue flickering about in the air

but the cat didn’t seem to care

twirling Tom Sawyer in the air

and laughing (as only cats can laugh)

at Huck Finn’s jokes

about apples and

picket fences

It was what the cat saw

but did the cat fear?



Yon widow

Who are the children yon widow calls?

For surely it cannot be

the child the widow calls is me?

on this the hallows eve

the Saints afraid to come from their darkened graves


the dead dance

their cemetery open for an hour or so

they stretch their legs

(but not too hard, decaying tendons snap)

they slowly after stretching their legs

begin to dance.

the day of the dead.

Sadly most have not yet died


they are dead

walking around in corpses that drink coffee

and smile at you as they wave you

into a line of traffic

then speed off into the setting sun

another day

dead lived

who does yon widow call?

It is not me

nor the dead who rise on the hallows eve

who does yon widow call?



5 tools, one job and a Thursday afternoon (windows phone 7)

Sometime in the mid 1970’s my father attended an NSTA conference somewhere in the US. He brought me back a circular slide rule, that was my go to device for nearly 5 years. I have sought a replacement for that device for more than 30 years. I still haven’t found it (it had an insert with a star chart, periodic table of the elements on the back and a slide rule on the front. The insert had all sorts of interesting additions and it acted as both a ruler and a protractor. Somewhere or sometime after I moved out of my parents house I lost it.

Yes I know there are devices that do so much more than that device did. I also realize that as a human I was the input, energy and battery solution for that device which in reality was more of a tool than a device. But it is that device that created my love of gadgets. It seems funny now that a tool has drive my desire to have a single device that gets me what I need.

Which brings up the device that most intrigues me right now. Windows phone 7 which launches here in the US in about 12 days. Shortly after the launch of Kinect (which is the other technology I am watching right now). It seems to me that technology is catching up with the vision we all had more than 30 years ago (personal productivity tools) from the phone to the game system. I have a laptop (netbook) that is small enough to carry with me pretty much everywhere and it allows me (affords me) the luxury of long battery life, tablet computer and touch screen device. But the phone remains the device that most will drive change.

I watched the iPhone folks scurry to their devices (and heard them complain about horrible phone service) talking about everything you could do on an iPhone (or for that matter the newer entity the Android phone. I wanted to tell each and every one of them about my circular slide rule and what that meant, but they wouldn’t listen. They had the shiny new rock that would change the world. They had poor service and dropped calls, but they changed the world. Ask AT&T about the Iphone (and now Ipad) impact on their network. It increased the traffic (data) on their cellular network a lot!

Windows mobile 6.5 was a step in the right direction. It gave me a lot of the things I was looking for.

Windows phone 7 will be the game changer. Out of the box I will be able to connect to my Zune Pass and use the phone for streaming music. I will be able to use the phone to play on Xbox live and will have access to all the games on a real gaming platform (Xbox). I will be able to being the process of integrating my life with my internet life (see my blog here, for thoughts on syncing everything). It (the Windows Phone 7) gets me close to one device that will keep me synced between where I am and the virtual me that lives on the internet.

5 killer Windows phone 7 features

  • Mix and match calendars (works and Hotmail) so you can always have family and work events side by side
  • Facebook integration
  • Voicemail visible on launch screen if you have one
  • emails visible on launch screen if you have some
  • tiles

I have the launch countdown timer on my desktop (I haven’t had that since the countdown timer for Windows XP). The world is about to change, and I am excited to be in the mix!


and yet of what form?

You reach with me

or rather you reach

I reach

but the gulf of Siam is broad

and we find sand

in our toes

that gives no grip

I look both left and right


this cannot be

for it was not once before

and now is

but can it be?

The gulf of Siam

warm waters that invite

two peninsulas

seeking a connection

but they do not touch

the water warm between them

limits contact

limits communication



we reach

but the water is too wide.



His triumphant return

The lights were on

the door slightly open

people milling about the porch

it was an autumn day

and the breeze was crisp the leaves



joining with the earth to crunch

as we walked over them

not missing them

or avoiding them

walking to the side to crunch them

beneath our boots

His return

that was why the cider was hot

the cookies still warm from the oven

his return

the prodigal son

standing on the porch with the milling throng

watching the ebb and flow of humanity showing

and closing openings

we are waiting

for his return.

The hours spend themselves like beer bottles at a ball game

piles and piles


there were only three


for his return

we stand there,

next to piles of hours

and crunching leaves

wondering why we cannot leave

wondering why

he cannot return.



The sound of thunder

The last known painting of Skyler blue

and the rain falls around me

each drop

revealing an image of something

that was

or perhaps

something that will be

the ghost of Christmas yet to be

haunting me like Dickens laughing

The image you leave

changes with each drop

washing away time with the water

washing away each indeterminable tiny crack

until the sidewalk is awash

and yet I run

running faster and faster

trying to dodge the drops now

trying not be be the lost child

I am confused.

I am lost.

but you can’t hear me

through the thunder

as it rolls across the ground like

huge marbles or quarters

thrown from high above

what is the source of the river?

what is the source of the flood?

the drops striking me


the quiet slowly captures me

I am lost.

The ghost of some Christmas now long past

whispers in my ear

“This won’t hurt a bit.”



If only oh yeah and wait

I hear the ticking clock on the wall. The days are numbered. For the first time in a long time I feel old. I have gray hairs now that I didn’t have before. The number of my birthdays is larger than I think I am prepared to deal with right now. I will be 50 in less than 2 months. I don’t know why that is bothering me so much. I kinda liked 40.  50 seems so much bigger than that.

Oh well. 59 days of freedom left.

What is the measure of a person?

I’ve been thinking about that because frankly of the whole turning 50 thing. What does a person need to do to be considered good?

Do you need a masterpiece?

Is there a defining moment of and for you as a person? If so what is that moment?

The moment you become a parent?

The moment you choose to help someone else, first?

When is it?
What makes me a person?

What will I become?

Anyway – it’s a jumble today.


Struggling to climb

The gear weighs more

than the heart it is encompassing

climbing the mountain

no longer sure it is my mountain


blinded by the snow

and ice


one foot in front of the other

the weight of the gear pulling

me backward

the wind pushing me backward

trying to recall

why am I struggling forward?

This is my mountain

but the footsteps

no longer fit the path that is there

can I make it

weight of what was pulling me back

the snow pushing me back

things not what they once were

are bound to what they are

can I climb this mountain?