Carrying a library…(Saturday noodling on perfection)

I was thinking about this yesterday after I wrote my 3rd Kindle review. Between the kindle and my Zune I carry more than 400 books every where I go. My dream as a child was to be a writer so I have a love of reading (my children inherited that from my wife and I, she loves to read as well). That got me thinking about what I would like to carry going forward when I get on the airplane (and yes, I am hoping Windows Phone 7 covers the remaining missing pieces).

  • A device that combines the screen of the Archos internet tablet and the storage capacity of that device (500 gig)
  • A device that easily plays Audible books
  • A device that let’s me read my Kindle books
  • A device that automatically syncs the office documents I am working on, right now (see my other blog for more on the Syncverse concept)
  • A device with a battery that last at least 6 hours and either a second battery that can be put into the device while it is one or, a way to easily connect to airplane chargers
  • BluRay slot for movies
  • HD screen rather than simply LCD
  • Touch Screen
  • not incredibly hot when on your lap


I don’t need to have lots of computing power, I can connect to my HyperV server at home if I need more horsepower than I am carrying. My Asus MT101 is pretty close to all of these specs except for the CD/DVD/BluRay addition. And frankly the USB connection drives (DVD etc) suck a huge amount of power. There has to be a way to build a device like this and make it highly functional.

In the past month I have posted eight or maybe nine iterations of this, the perfect device blog. We are so much closer today than we were five years ago. But realistically, not as close as we will be in five years.


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