discerning your path and choices



The Journey,

We begin life as small helpless infants, viewing the world through our eyes that don’t see far, and thus we rely on our parents to present a view of the world for us. We are influenced by the dreams, aspirations and ethics of our parents. Sometimes it doesn’t take, sometimes it does,

I find this responsibility scary.

In 1984 I graduated on the 5 year plan with a degree in education. I interviewed with 8 school systems and got a series of job offers. The last interview was in person with a school in Northern Indiana. The superintendent looked at me and said, “I am going to offer you a job, but you are a 30 year teacher. You will be called to something else in less than 10 years.” I didn’t take that job but he was right. I made 7 years.

Being a teacher is all about helping people see what isn’t there within themselves, yet.

Being a parent is all about seeing things that aren’t in your child today, but will be someday and figuring out how to help them get there.

Parents and teachers are very similar. But parents and teachers are very different. Teachers have a goal of producing learners. Parents have a goal of producing human beings. I think as a parent I have to say thank you to the teachers that have helped my children be successful. I know that it wasn’t me – it was the teachers they had. There is no greater gift a human being could give then to help another human being grow.

So this day, the day after Columbus landed – I would like to thank those people who taught Columbus to navigate. Those people who talk us to read, and think and understanding puns and plays on words. I started a group once a long time ago when I was a school teacher, The Society of Dead Teachers. It was modeled after the movie “Dead Poets Society” where they met in a cave to revive the words of poet’s no longer with us. We met for years in a Chi-Chi’s restaurant (thank you Chi-Chi’s for your Friday snacks and happy hour). We sought to improve the profession of education. But in the end the SDT was a celebration of teachers.

So on this day, I thank those who guided me on my path.

I thank those who led me to my choices.


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