Traveling band

We’ve recently been traveling to visit other churches on Sunday’s (leaving our home parish to try other churches). My lovely wife says that isn’t normal (churches want to to stay home/feel at home/be at home in one parish). But I wonder about that, not that my wife is wrong, rather should churches take that attitude.

Is in fact religion and your personal faith a journey or a destination?

If church is the discernment to arrive at your faith, then taking time to visit other churches should be encouraged. The Amish send their children into the modern world at 18 so that they have a chance to confirm the choice (or decline the option) of being Amish for the rest of their life.

Why don’t churches do that? Allow parishioners to see the other side of the fence, the grass may be greener but the people you know always look like the greenest grass of all!


My new goal – convince churches that parishioners need sabbaticals as well.

My spiritual journey is my spiritual journey.



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