Good morning (my amazon author’s page)

Day one of class over, tired but awake and ready to start day 2.


India is an interesting country. Our campus is also quite interesting although it is a lot larger than I imagined. I was thinking two or three small buildings in a small campus setting but this is much closer to the campus we have in Texas. Interesting thing though, the buildings in India look like the buildings in Texas. I can’t help wondering why? Why not incorporate a little of the local culture into the buildings?


Time to get rolling.



Sightseeing yesterday (my amazon author’s page)

Went out yesterday with friends to see Hyderabad. It was a fantastic experience. I love seeing the world from so many different angles, it makes you realize that there is no one right way to see that world. Found something to take home for everyone in the family so that was also exciting.

I suspect our world would be a little smarter and a little cooler if we could see that world through multi-faceted eyes. Then what we saw would contain all the perspectives in a single view and maybe things wouldn’t seem so small (or big of course, depending on your size).

Random Thoughts:

  • I miss the smells of southeast Asia
  • I miss the food of southeast Asia
  • Open air markets – why haven’t they caught on in the US?


To paraphrase Aldous Huxley – to live in such a world with people such as this in it.

(of course his version was a little more negative).


On the ground in India (my amazon author’s page)

Interesting thing, I landed about 10 hours ago (around 1 am). Tried a new trick (not sleeping at all on the last leg of the trip) and fell right asleep when I got to the hotel. Called my family from India – my wife was busy, apparently dad calling from another country is not very exciting as the boys didn’t tell my wife that I was ok. I suspect that is a sign that dad travels too much when you don’t remember when he calls from someplace exotic.

Blog posts are going to be at odd hours this week – its always interesting to me the changes in readership that produces. I am not sure why I obsess about the numbers sometimes people read and view your blog if you have something to say they want to read.

Of course with the sleep deprivation of 19 hours of actual in the seat plane time, the random thoughts are going to flow pretty badly this week.

Random Thoughts:

  • When you arrive someplace at night how do you know you aren’t still home? Everyplace looks the same at night.
  • Having someone waiting for you (with your name spelled correctly) after customs – priceless.


I read the most beautiful blog ever this morning. I have a friend who is very ill and his wife posted a blog about their day at the beach. It makes me cry. Sometimes you feel so helpless, that the plan isn’t going to work for everyone else.

Wayne, you are in my prayers.



From the air, the snow is beautiful (my amazon author’s page)

On the ground in Germany 3 am my time – 9 am German time. I haven’t seen snow on the ground ever in Germany (other than WWII footage of the Battle of the Bulge) it is quite lovely. But then a white blanket of purity can in fact cover up most things. The sky is overcast and gray right now – reminds me of my last trip to Germany – rain and Munich. I have several friends who are from or visit Germany frequently – they find the country delightful. I love hanging out in the various brewery’s of Munich. I think I could live in Munich if the right job came along.

which brings up today’s rambling thought, not quite a random thought more of a ramble.

where could I live?

  1. Thailand – I still love Bangkok. I’ve been three three times in my life (but did live there for over a year) and it remains the top of my personal list
  2. Amsterdam (I love Holland)
  3. San Francisco
  4. Seattle
  5. Copenhagen

Those are my top five right now – and if you think about it they are very different and very much the same. Lots of outdoor activities and being outside riding bikes, water and oceans everywhere.



t-minus one hour and I am not ready (my amazon author’s page)

Need to leave the house in 60 minutes. I am not ready. I have to get packed, shower, do my blog and finish up some work stuff and at this rate I am never going to get done. I made a rule 10 years ago that I could never leave the house with a full mailbox (other than vacations) as it builds up so fast you can’t get caught up until you suck up personal time to clean up your inbox. So, I am cleaning out my inbox this am – and for awhile mail was pouring in faster than I could bail. Seems to be under control now – but I suspect it won’t be in about 30 minutes.

Somehow I suspect I will have to add something to my Syncverse plan around throttling data and when that data needs to be throttled.

Will try to post a blog tomorrow from Germany.


As always, best to all and thanks for reading.



The song you sing when you first realize… (my amazon author’s page)

Sorry for the odd title – it was a musing that I was having this am. Not sure why my brain headed down that path although I suspect deep down inside a part of me knows. Over time you have all these things rattling around in your head. You would think that a holiday would be the chance to hit reset and start over – but frankly they tend to bubble up even more when you are free. I think that is because during the work week we move so fast there really isn’t time to “consider” the various things flying around in your head. So, take a little pressure off and instead of slowing down the brain shoots forward , faster.

Today that line popped into my head along with twelve others which I won’t subject you to.

Happy Thanksgiving for those in the US, for the rest of the world, happy Thursday!


Interesting problem/question (my amazon author’s page)

I drove across Ohio yesterday (for work not family) and I saw something that amazed me. An SUV to the right of me was covered with NRA and Sarah Palin stickers. Huge H2 (Hummer) so that type of sticker fit well on that type of car (in my opinion) but when I passed that car the next car was also a huge Toyota SUV, with Free Tibet and Green Aware stickers – which I had never heard of (Green Aware –). That one bothered me a little as it presented a problem (sucking the environment dry while espousing the dream of fixing the world.)

Perhaps it was a metaphor for what was wrong, consumption versus ecology. But it stayed with me all the way across Ohio. The first one didn’t bother me in anyway as I would assume that was what a conservative would drive. But then I got thinking about how wrong it was to make that assumption. People drive cars that reflect their personal style and needs. Which helped a little with the second one, perhaps that person had a need for a sturdy off road vehicle, like chasing NRA members into the forest or driving around scaring deer so hunters couldn’t shoot them (and of course this is a JOKE!!!).

So I started thinking about how many times I assume someone is “someway” because of the bumper stickers I see on their car. I have decided that from now on I will take all cars (and will work towards taking all people) at face value. They are, who they say they are.

My apologies to the Hummer with the Sarah Palin sticker. You have a right to display your choices on your car or any other place you wish.


Can someone sharing change your day? (my amazon author’s page)

Well probably not me sharing.

I haven’t been traveling as much and have two trips for this week – Columbus Ohio (an easy drive) and a trip to India starting Friday (not a drive). It amazes me how unused to travel I have gotten in less than 2 months. My last trip anywhere was the end of September – since then I have been on vacation and working from home. I find myself scared that I will forget some essential thing or something I need critically as I prepare for travel again. The driving one is pretty easy – and I doubt I will forget anything. It is the flight to India that most has me concerned.

Oh yeah and 3 flights in 24 hours (with 4 flights coming home).

In the old days I knew the weather in and out – checking it at home and via the various services. I just realized right now that I haven’t looked at the weather at all – better start doing that. Always helps to know where your delays may be. Device charging and preparation seems harder this time as well.

If only there was a single system that brought all of this together.


It only seems like yesterday (my amazon author’s page)

This coming weekend marks 20 years of my wife and I living together. We’ve had children in that house for the entire 20 years (my wife’s daughter lived with us 1/2 time back then). And this past week was my daughter’s 18’th birthday. It just seems time flies by and there is no way you can slow it down.

There really are not words by which I can share the wonder of my wife and kids. I won’t even try today.

In church we are considering the works of Thomas Merton. His was an amazing and thoughtful soul looking upon the world around him and finding the voice of god within the silence that is around us all. My thanks to Thomas for his writings and giving’s, they are truly a blessing.

I am traveling next week so things will be light on the blog front, but will hop back on in time for the holidays.



I wonder (my amazon author’s page)

The kids are off at fall retreat and the house is quiet. You wish for that when they are home. You wish for quiet and an empty house when they are home. When they are gone the sounds of the house are overwhelming. The furnace and its fan makes a nearly constant noise. The sounds of the creaking and settling (my back) are loud enough to be heard. And my heart aches.

Oh well.

I can see the light in the tunnel and the end is near.


A dialog with myself on quitting

What does the word quit mean? When do you stop trying?

When we talk about an athlete quitting (he quit before the race was done) its usually done with something left to be done. You don’t quit when you are far ahead and can easily win the race unless there is an injury of other issue (ethical) that causes you to slow down. You quit before you start, or when it is clear you cannot win.

WHy is that?

Why are we so focused on the concepts behind winning that quitting is our only optoin? It puzzles me.