From the air, the snow is beautiful (my amazon author’s page)

On the ground in Germany 3 am my time – 9 am German time. I haven’t seen snow on the ground ever in Germany (other than WWII footage of the Battle of the Bulge) it is quite lovely. But then a white blanket of purity can in fact cover up most things. The sky is overcast and gray right now – reminds me of my last trip to Germany – rain and Munich. I have several friends who are from or visit Germany frequently – they find the country delightful. I love hanging out in the various brewery’s of Munich. I think I could live in Munich if the right job came along.

which brings up today’s rambling thought, not quite a random thought more of a ramble.

where could I live?

  1. Thailand – I still love Bangkok. I’ve been three three times in my life (but did live there for over a year) and it remains the top of my personal list
  2. Amsterdam (I love Holland)
  3. San Francisco
  4. Seattle
  5. Copenhagen

Those are my top five right now – and if you think about it they are very different and very much the same. Lots of outdoor activities and being outside riding bikes, water and oceans everywhere.



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