On the ground in India



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Interesting thing, I landed about 10 hours ago (around 1 am). Tried a new trick (not sleeping at all on the last leg of the trip) and fell right asleep when I got to the hotel. Called my family from India – my wife was busy, apparently dad calling from another country is not very exciting as the boys didn’t tell my wife that I was ok. I suspect that is a sign that dad travels too much when you don’t remember when he calls from someplace exotic.

Blog posts are going to be at odd hours this week – its always interesting to me the changes in readership that produces. I am not sure why I obsess about the numbers sometimes people read and view your blog if you have something to say they want to read.

Of course with the sleep deprivation of 19 hours of actual in the seat plane time, the random thoughts are going to flow pretty badly this week.

Random Thoughts:

  • When you arrive someplace at night how do you know you aren’t still home? Everyplace looks the same at night.
  • Having someone waiting for you (with your name spelled correctly) after customs – priceless.


I read the most beautiful blog ever this morning. I have a friend who is very ill and his wife posted a blog about their day at the beach. It makes me cry. Sometimes you feel so helpless, that the plan isn’t going to work for everyone else.

Wayne, you are in my prayers.



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