Sightseeing yesterday (my amazon author’s page)

Went out yesterday with friends to see Hyderabad. It was a fantastic experience. I love seeing the world from so many different angles, it makes you realize that there is no one right way to see that world. Found something to take home for everyone in the family so that was also exciting.

I suspect our world would be a little smarter and a little cooler if we could see that world through multi-faceted eyes. Then what we saw would contain all the perspectives in a single view and maybe things wouldn’t seem so small (or big of course, depending on your size).

Random Thoughts:

  • I miss the smells of southeast Asia
  • I miss the food of southeast Asia
  • Open air markets – why haven’t they caught on in the US?


To paraphrase Aldous Huxley – to live in such a world with people such as this in it.

(of course his version was a little more negative).


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