How long, is too long? (my amazon author’s page)

If you are interested, Volume II of the Poetry of Sandler Boggs will soon be on my Amazon author’s page.

I am wondering what the next Fred and Ed story should be – leave a comment if you have an suggestions/ideas. It seems funny to me now, 30 years ago I made up the Fred and Ed stories, and a lot of the old stories have actually come true. Now I have tons of Fred and Ed stories wholly based on real life!

Life can be funny that way.

Today is move furniture day, so I am expecting tomorrow to be watch football (and recover from the agonizing back pain I suspect I will have post moving furniture).

The question of the day:

How long is too long?

Random Thoughts

  1. Why is it good restaurants don’t advertise as much and still end up full? Bad or chain restaurants advertise all the time and are either full or empty depending on quality. Good ones don’t seem to as much or is their advertising not geared towards me because they already have my business? If you find out the food is good, are you no longer the target audience?
  2. Why do people drive faster at night?
  3. At what point does blowing past me as we tear out of an intersection gain you anything?
  4. Why do people hate change? I don’t mean life change, I mean change in their pockets. When I was a kid I loved change, always had some. Now other than the change I collect – I put it in a jar on my dresser and turn it into paper money about every two or three months. Why is that?
  5. How many poems in the world is too many poems?
  6. Do poets who read their poetry out loud have other nasty habits?
  7. If you are between a rock and a hard place does that make you the soft creamy filling?


An early Happy New Year to all who celebrate this western version of New Years.



In the quiet of a railway station (my amazon author’s page)

What was it you said?

Once in the quiet,

when the lights so dim

spread away from us

like pools of water

we laughed

the ripples spreading

but the quiet overwhelmed us

drove us from the trees to the water

and we swam for our lives

the water dark

and cold

surrounding us with piecing cold


you spoke

before you

slipped away

you spoke

and I could not hear

I could not respond

watching the moon rise

and the sun fall

hearing the quiet fill

my ears


hearing nothing

I struggle for a moment

then I too let go

I too

slip away.




Another Shameless review Windows Phone 7 (my amazon author’s page)

Review, Windows Phone 7

Dell Venue Pro

I got a chance to try out (for a few days) a second Windows Phone 7 device, this one being the Dell Venue Pro.


Five nice things Dell Venue Pro

  • Keyboard is a nice touch
  • The device has “weight”
  • The screen is very responsive to finger touch
  • pogo sketch works with the Windows Phone 7 (which is nice for some things)
  • Device seems to have a larger antenna than the HD7, gets better overall phone reception in the basement than the HD7 (which was about the same as the HD2 – and that was a huge improvement over both WM6 and WM5 so things are moving in the right direction)

So far the device is nice. Its kind of cool that some of your applications are tied to your account, not your specific device. Some of my marketplace stuff moved over to the new phone automatically. I don’t plan on using this phone forever but it was a nice thing. Finding a case is a little harder, but I have two cases that work for all three phones I have right now so that is cool.

So far I have to say the Windows Phone 7 devices are great!!!!!


Things I like more about Zune than ITunes

  • updates are easier with Zune
  • I love having all my music easily accessed
  • Finding podcasts is easier
  • Applications are easier

Still weaker for Audible books and I don’t have my Windows Phone 7 Kindle reader but things are still moving forward!

Experiments with Dry Ice… (my amazon author’s page)

To say,

breath floating away from you

from me

in puffs of white billowy


the birth place of clouds

as we stand

the words tumbling around us

“Look” the child cries to his mother

“I am making a cloud” his

breath floating away from him

as well

but his


and ours lost?

Do we speak of truth or

lips moving we lie

our cloud

black on the inside

no lining

no silver



are we building

the storm clouds of spring?

The crows

sit perched


piecing each cloud

with their steely gaze

they watch not the child

they long for storm clouds

they long for rain

and thunder

explosions of

light and sound

that float away from us

our lips moving

our lies escaping



black clouds bringing rain…




The Head of Alfredo Gumar (my amazon author’s page)

I am


The light ahead

the snow shining

makes the light brighter

it seems


drawing closer

but far away

just out of reach

a dancing orb of denial

I can touch it

I can hold it


grabbing it

swallowing it


oral fixation

it slides into me

becomes part of me

light oozing from my pores

a human flashlight

an orb of denial

I shout “no”

to all those who are near



I am denial

I am the orb


in anger

the light flows out of me

to another

and I am another pool

another mystery


like the rest…



Did I take a wrong turn?

Yesterday was a blast. My whole family was in Bloomington including my step-daughter, sisters, brothers-in-law and neices and nephews. We had a great meal and a great time!

Always fun to get a chance to spend the holidays with family.

I suspect that is why there are those family gathering holidays. It makes the rest of the year a little easier to take.

I am using the quickpress application within wordpress today as my windows live writer seems to have decided to have a vacation this week. Anyways – short get back to work blog!!!

On this, a day of happiness (but not for all) (my amazon author’s page)

Merry Christmas to All and to all, well greetings of the seasons (best to you and yours!)

We watched “It’s a wonderful life” which is by far my favorite Christmas movie. I’ve watched it every year for the past 30 years. The movie comprises a series of deep thoughts I have around Christmas.

  1. It doesn’t matter what you believe in, only that good comes from the human heart. There is a never-ending supply of misery in the universe but good is there if we let it in the door.
  2. Beauty isn’t in color
  3. Its really hard to share a phone
  4. Love sees only what is possible (never what has failed before)
  5. George Bailey is everyman (or everywoman to be non-sexist)
  6. No heart beats truer than a person doing the right thing.

Christmas is the joy of sharing love with those around you. It is the moment we can join the greater good around us. It doesn’t matter what god you hold most dear (or for that matter if you hold no god dear) it is about the gift of the season. To share the goodness that is in all of us. That we as humans can reach out to another being and touch that being filling them with joy and happiness.

Regardless of the holiday or the religion supporting it, happy holidays.

My best to you and yours.