Continuing a family tradition and windows 7 phone stuff (my amazon author’s page)

Lukas, my family chef want to be, decided that this morning he wanted to help with the family tradition of making Ebel Skivers. Ebel is Danish for apple, and skiver is a “pancake” although the traditional form is round rather than the flat or German pancake. It takes s special pan to make them, and they aren’t the easiest thing to do. We decided to make them with applesauce and with frozen cherries as a “different”thing this year. We’ve been making Ebel Skivers since before the boys were born, and before I made them my dad always made them on Christmas day (I do Christmas Eve – that way I get them two days in a row every year!!!) (I may be spelling Ebel Skivers wrong by the way).

He did a great job and it really made me proud! Nick rolled the Ebel Skivers in powdered sugar and of course the dogs helped! (Fran got the first one, some strange Labrador rule about I help you cook, you feed me!)

Windows Phone 7 update

1 month in and still in love

I love the texting conversation thread!!!!
Application Market continues to grow
You can sign up to be notified for the Kindle App so that is coming soon!
Love connecting to Xbox live more and more – so much fun to carry an infinite library of games.
Kids haven’t used their DS’ since they got the Windows Phone 7 – amazing!
I love being able to let them fill the Netflix instant queue – and not bother me constantly!
The screen rocks (I watched part of star trek off Netflix while waiting at the mall)
simply amazing device and the battery is over a day!!!!!

The integration with my various calendars (family hotmail – work exchange) is a huge value add. Now I can actually figure out where I am supposed to be!


Surviving the stomach flu (my amazon author’s page)

My daughter came home early from the last day of school yesterday – having thrown up. I hate throwing up, and was fortunate enough to join my daughter as she cursed me with this awful stomach bug that is going around. I ended up missing half of a really good movie and lost an entire evening lying in bed, in pain.


Today’s entry is going to be short because of that. I am still a little weak and tired.


Happy Holidays to all!



The return of the burglar elf (my amazon author’s page)

In the fading Christmas lights

The twinkle moves from side to side

back and forth

hypnotizing you into turning

off the road

off the path

I am going this way

you whisper

but the lights don’t hear

they turn off

and on


and on

over and over

and you follow

I am not going this way

you think

rolling down the windows

looking for something

someone perhaps

Is there a path to take now
off your path

can you find a new path here

among the lights

the blinking lights

the lights that never stop

you get out

fresh path ahead

in unwalked snow

or snow not thread

foot free

path free

you walk

into the lights

(you hear a voice in the background)

don’t go into the light

but you do


the snow crunching under

your bare feet

the lights soothing

the sounds reflective of a moment

of blinking

of happiness?

and then you don’t hear the car anymore.




There must be 50 things that happen on your 50th birthday… (my amazon author’s page)

I woke up anew this morning. I also woke up with a sore back. It is here. No longer am I in my 50th year. I am 50. I thought of all kinds of cool 50’s lists I could do, but then instead decided to do a list of lists instead. 50 puns where also possible as today I am Indiana 5-0! Or perhaps stealing from the great book “There are 5 people you meet in heaven”, there are “50+people who influence you in 50 years.”

50 best things on my 50th Birthday

  • 50 best things I like about the 1850’s
  • 50 best things about 1950 and the 1950’s
  • 50 places you could have been on December 21, 1960
  • My 50 favorite gadgets
  • My 50 favorite songs
  • My 50 favorite Movies
  • 50 ways to leave your lover. (oh sorry that one has already been done)
  • 50 best days in my life
  • 50 best days with my wife
  • 50 nicest things my wife has done for me (what, limit this list to 50? I would have to leave out so many things)
  • 50 best things my kids ever said
  • 50 nicest things my kids have ever done for me
  • 50 nicest things my kids have done for other people
  • 50 places I have gone
  • 50 places I have eaten
  • 50 greatest TV shows
  • 50 best sporting events I’ve seen (ok that one is easy)

You get the point, I won’t beat this horse 50 times. We will just stop here. In 50 years you do a lot of living. Some of that living is good, and on your birthday you are wistful (wishing for things that never were) and some of it is good living. I thank the universe for my wife and children. They mean everything to me. I thank the universe for the myriad of friends I have and have had. I have more than 100 birthday wishes in email, cards and Facebook posts. I thank everyone who thought of me on this day. As I have done for the past few years I will hide away to today and reflect on the great things that have happened to me in the past 50 years.

Thanks again to all who wished me a 50th birthday (I am holding out on the happy until later today).



is it enough to be alone? (my amazon author’s page)


Its amazing to me when I think about it. 20 years ago, sitting in a kitchen in Hot Springs Village Arkansas I made a promise to someone. Why is amazing? well it has been 20 years since that promise was made and I have done my best to keep it. I, like all humans am flawed. I make mistakes and fall flat on my face, and now am looking at the downhill side of life. 50 looms less than 24 hours away. (1:48 am December 21, 1960). Somewhere around two pm today it will be 12 hours. A lot of things have changed, but I have kept that promise. Its been a fight at times to not say the promise wasn’t worth it, no words are. But the person was worth the words. So I’ve kept that promise now for 20 years.


In the quiet of a memory

In the darkness

that wells around us

In the quiet

as the rain washes over us

you hear that?

that silence?

that restful



that stretches beyond what we know?

Do you hear it now?

the lack of all

the presence of nothing

it the quiet that

wells around us like an ocean swell


and falling

each moment a different place

that moment right before the rain falls

then when our eyes once met

then when our hearts

silent with the rain fall

could turn away

now the rain is here

the silence washed away

can it be true?



the path to enlightenment, or lost in the woods (my amazon author’s page)


What do you mean?

When presented with a positive statement how do you respond?

Do you repeat the statement and say I am glad you feel that way? Or do you affirm the statement acknowledging that the other person feels that way and then affirming that by saying you also consider it?


Random Thoughts

  • I don’t get it
  • I am lost
  • I am confused
  • it hurts
  • why is this the way things are?
  • OK so I don’t want to clean my room.


Confusion reigns supreme. What once seemed simple is now complex.



People are motivated by their needs (my amazon author’s page)

Why is that such a hard concept for people to get?

My Favorite online games right now

  • Farmville
  • CityVille

I used to love Mafia Wars but that isn’t any fun anymore. It is sad that the game is all about domination now. I haven’t really enjoyed playing the game for more than a month. I log in and I am dead, I level up and a die within 30 seconds. It really isn’t any fun to play the game anymore. The other two are just so much more about helping other people that they are fun. Oh well. Its sad really that these games allow for people to level up quickly by not following the rules (using an automated script etc.) that in the end force those of us who actually enjoyed playing to quit. There may be an ethics issue in there somewhere.


Windows Phone 7

  • I binged the restaurant last night – that was nice. Miss the turn by turn, but the voice command was very nice
  • The Tellme stuff is amazing I love the voice recognition. Now if only I didn’t have a thick accent Winking smile
  • Touch sensitivity is much nicer than with WM 6.5
  • GPS works fairly well so far other than no turn by turn applications – seems to get its bearings quickly – can’t wait to test it with a real application
  • Would love to see a Celio Redfly driver for the HD7 soon
  • keeping the pressure on (want a Kindle Application and Hulu Plus)!!!!!

Overall I am still very happy with the phone. There are a number of interesting and cool applications that continue to help me so I am happy. I heard there are more than 4,000 applications on the marketplace already which is a fantastic debut (30 days old) and really exciting.