Saturday–time to get working on the boy’s beds!

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Threatening Emails

Why would you threaten someone in email? I got an email today that felt very threatening to me. I am not sure why you would intentionally try to scare someone in an email.

  1. Its in writing
  2. They can keep it forever
  3. In the end, it isn’t as menacing as a person standing right in front of you
  4. But it is admissible in a court of law

Enough of that – water off the duck’s back.


Random Thoughts

  • Why do children store store so much crap under their beds?
  • Why do they look surprised when you move the beds and there is all that crap they’ve stuffed there?
  • So I am digging HD TV, HD Radio but I wonder what letters are next? CDMBA TV?
  • If you leave your left turn signal on does that make you lazy or just prepared?
  • Two rights don’t make a wrong, but four rights always get you back to where you started.
  • Two wrongs don’t make a right either, but one left can be wrong or right depending upon the left turn sign status…
  • Why send me an email? I have a record of it, forever?
  • I’m stimulating the economy – I have 3 kids!
  • I love my wife she puts up with so much crap.
  • The path to redemption and the path to salvation have an intersection but its not in my GPS…how do I get there?
  • Birds fly and planes fly, but garbage trucks with flies stink…
  • Louie the XVII of France lost his head, literally quite a few years ago this week…
  • The lines in the mall are so short I should buy next years CMas presents, now!



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